50+ Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay 


An argumentative essay is an essay that contains a thesis statement that is supported by different arguments. The writer of the essay chooses a topic of their own choice, prepares a thesis statement and then further collects evidence from the past research or different work. 


Essay Topics for Argumentative Essay


Check all the perfect essay writing to know about the essay topics one can choose to write an argumentative essay. 


  1. Health 


  • Should doctors be allowed to promote their own manufactured medicine?
  • Should dietary supplements brands be allowed to promote their products via Instagram influencers? 
  • Is it a good idea to entirely ban the sale and purchase of tobacco products?
  • Why is diet and exercise a balanced combination for losing or gaining weight?
  • Should the government legalize assisted suicides? 
  • Is it safe to take regular headache or fever tablets without the prescription of her doctor? 
  • Can someone justify fat shaming if it encourages the subject to lose weight? 

  1. Technology 


  • Is public free WiFi safe enough for the users? 
  • Is technology limiting the creativity of the humans?
  • Is censorship necessary in the internet?
  • Who can write my essay?
  • Is technology playing a fair part in providing educational benefits to the teachers and students?
  • Are smartphones really important in today's age?
  • Cyberbullying and online harassment
  • Is banning of games like PubG and Fortnite a good decision?


  1. Art


  • Should photography and cinematography be included in the list of art? 
  • Does today's music make any sense to the people?
  • Why and how modern lyrics of pop songs are leading to unfavorable and unhealthy music addiction in youngsters?
  • Write a perfect essay on education reforms?
  • Why do students and their parents hesitate in choosing arts over science?
  • Why students are classified to be average when they choose arts over science?
  • There's no logic in the plots of a majority of movies and shows, why? 


  1. Education


  • Should free education be given to students till 10th grade?
  • Is it justified for the private institutes to increase the program fees unnecessarily?
  • Which extra languages should be taught to the students in school?
  • Should educational institutes ban the cramming system entirely?
  • While writing how to write a perfect essay follow grammar rules?
  • Is today's online education system effective enough for every degree program? 
  • Why career counseling is necessary and why people don't take it seriously?


  1. Sports


  • Is it necessary to have a sport in school? Why? 
  • Should one segregate sports on the basis of gender?
  • Should a sports degree be encouraged among students?
  • Are there enough job opportunities for the student pursuing a career in sports sciences?
  • Should it be compulsory for the students of each grade to participate in the sports?
  • Why are the salaries of sports teachers lower than the other teachers?
  • How do sports help keep the minds of students active?
  • Different sports and their advantages


  1. Religion


  • Should religious clubs be a part of school communities?
  • Why is it so risky to discuss religion openly?
  • Is it necessary to include religious books in the course? 
  • How does religion become a barrier to one's own perspectives and choices?
  • Why does religious discrimination exist in the world today?
  • What's the perspective behind inter-religious marriages?
  • Should one keep following a religion if they're not able to connect with it? 
  • What is it like to be an atheist?



Argumentative essay writing is undoubtedly the complex one to write so find perfect essay writers for it. One can have a hard time choosing the right topic and evidence for their essay.

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