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IntellectualBeam is one of the finest professional academic writing services out there. We offer our services to students, specifically those facing difficulties in managing assignments and other university work. We provide our top-notch services at very minimal rates keeping in consideration that our customer base comprises mostly of students. IntellectualBeam has a team of very skilled writers onboard that is alumni of the world's most prestigious institutions. They write content very professionally, ensuring that only the most precise and unique ideas are employed to craft your work.

How do the writers correspond to my content instructions?

After you place an order, your instructions are forwarded to writers who put in a lot of brainstorming to create a structure of the article they will write for you. Considering the time they have on hand, they determine the pace they have to work to complete the article in time.  Multiple writers may work on one article if a lot of content is to be written in a short time. This ensures that your work is completed well within time, irrespective of the word limit or time limitations. After completing, it is submitted on the panel or sent to the provided email.

How will the communication take place?

We consider mutual communication very fruitful to give the best results. Unlike other writing services out there, we let you communicate with the writer who will work on your job. You can communicate with him/her to give specific details or style you want the content to be written in. You may also communicate with them to avoid certain things while writing, such as complex vocabulary, the use of a specific phrase, etc. This communication adds to the efficiency of our writers and the quality of your work. You can contact the writers through chat on our site or via email. You may also contact us if you have any queries or doubts regarding your work. We will make sure that the writers provide you with a timely response to clear any doubts.

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