The importance of WordPress Website Security

WordPress defaults aren't recommended. WordPress default usernames are known by almost all WordPress users. Most of the time, the default username for an author on the WordPress site is administrator.

WordPress defaults aren't recommended. WordPress default usernames are known by almost all WordPress users. Most of the time, the default username for an author on the WordPress site is administrator. You should change the username. Hackers will be able to gain access to your site and its content as well as other features if you don't make any changes.

If your website is run by more than one author , and no one of them is the administrator, then you are well-equipped. If you have a small site and you are the sole administrator, you may want to create a brand new user for each article. Be sure to assign the author role to the user. This is important because you are not able to grant that user to be granted all rights to make any necessary changes to your website try2services. This means that the user must have restricted access.

4. Login page to hide your site

It won't suffice if your security strategy involves blocking login pages or even files. In the end, all of those elements of your WordPress website are not going stop hackers from gaining access to these files. But they will make it more difficult for them to hack your site. If you use the right plugin, hiding your website's longin page will take only some seconds.

If you change or move your WordPress login page, it will make it more difficult for hackers to gain an unauthorised access. In reality, the majority of attacks are programmed. If they have a different login page, they'll have to exert more effort to infiltrate your site.

You can choose among a variety of plugins to help you. For instance, you could test WPS Hide Login for this purpose.

5. Choose a reliable hosting company

Statistics show that 4 out 10 websites have been hacked because they are more vulnerable. This is because of the hosting platform. Therefore, it is recommended to select a host that has a high-security level. Given below are a few characteristics of a reliable hosting service:

  • Malware scanning and detection suspicious files
  • Automatic theme updates
  • Protection against firewalls
  • Word WordPress optimized
  • Support for the most recent version of mySQL or PHP

Here are some important things that can help you select the best hosting company. If you're interested in being secure, you should consider selecting the most reliable and well-known service.


In short, if are looking for tips to safeguard your WordPress website, we recommend following the guidelines given in this post. If you are concerned about the work you do, it's not an ideal idea to ignore security aspects of your site. Be aware that the security of your site is of the utmost importance.

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