How Do I Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails?

If your gmail not receiving emails then you don't need to worry about it because here I will tell you how you can fix your issue.

Gmail is a mail service that is used by a number of people all around the globe but it is also not free from technical issues. There have been a lot of complaints by the users that their Gmail not receiving emails. So, for the users that are facing issues like this, we have prepared a plan with few ways that can be used by the users to get rid of this problem. 

Ways to fix the issues of Gmail of not receiving mails - 

  1. Storage issues of the Gmail

Gmail will not receiving emails if the storage of the account is full, to check it follow the steps given below – 

  • Launch the Gmail app and get down to the section where a bar will show the storage of the account.
  • Now, if your storage is full you have two options, either to delete the unnecessary emails to free up the storage or you can also get a storage plan when you upgrade it with Google.
  1. Emails might be stuck in the Spam folder

Sometimes it happens that the emails are sent to the spam folder instead of the primary inbox and you will think that you are not receiving emails on Gmail. You have to check in the Spam folder, you might get the mails you are looking for in that folder and you can move the emails you want to.

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