Kilt Sporran | The Secret Of Selecting Best Sporran

Before you go to choose the sporran for your kilt, you must first know “what is a sporran?”

Before you go to choose the sporran for your kilt, you must first know “what is a sporran? and why was it created with kilt. After all you should have a basic know-how of what you’re going to wear and why are you wearing it. When you will know the purpose of what you’re wearing, you will carry it better and more confidently. So let’s have a 5-minute interesting and informative read on sporrans.

The History of Sporran

As early as in twelfth century, “kilts worn by the warriors did not have a pocket. So, when the need of some pocket or a carrier was felt in order to keep the personal belongings, then sporrans was made. It was like a bag worn with kilt. And today, the same sporran serves the purpose of keeping things like money, food items or cell phone. Hence, sporran is like a purse or a pouch which is a key feature of traditional Highland Dress (traditional or regional dress of the Highlands and Isles of Scotland). Sporran is made up of leather or skin such as deerskin, calfskin, or sealskin and is usually worn to compliment the formality of the kilt as well as to carry essentials.

Types of Sporrans

Before choosing your favorite sporran, let’s get to know how many ‘types of sporrans’ exist and what are the unique features of sporrans are so that it may be easier for you to know what to choose for yourself.

Horse Hair Sporran

In the history, most sporrans usually had fluffy tops and three tassels. From there, more types of hair were introduced, including horse hair and fox hair.

Today, you can get Horse Hair Sporran to match the ones that were worn long ago. The tassels on these sporrans were first introduced by the military during this time period.

Full Dress Sporran

Dress Sporran will often have a minimum of three tassels, and sometimes as many as five tassels. These sporrans will usually be accompanied by ornate metal designs throughout.

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