Essay about tragedy

The term genre not only distinguishes the three types of poetry lyric poetry, epic drama, but also serves to distinguish the different types and forms of dramatic poetry, what can use also for essay.

Essay about tragedy

The term genre not only distinguishes the three types of poetry lyric poetry, epic drama, but also serves to distinguish the different types and forms of dramatic poetry, what can use also for essay - . According to the pattern from antiquity, a distinction is first made between tragedy and comedy.


The tragedy is a conflict that leads the hero to his death. She develops her action out of inner necessity until it turns into catastrophe. At this point at the latest, the main participants get full insight into their tragic entanglements, use - -  if you have problem with homevork texts.

Aristotel describes it as “the imitative representation of a serious and self-contained action, which has a certain scope (megethos), in an artful style that adapts to its particular kind in the individual parts, an action that not only tells the story, but goes through it acting persons is put in front of their eyes and through the fact that they arouse pity (eleos) and fear (phobos), the purification (catharsis) of such emotions (panthemata) causes. "

More recent translations assume that Aristotel understood the term catharsis in the medical sense, i.e. as an abreaction of a build-up of affect. The level of excitement is raised by Phobos to the limit of pain, the tension is released in Eleos, until catharsis occurs as pleasurable satisfaction. The turning point, the turning from fear into compassion, is called peripetiadesignated. The change from Phobos to Eleos must be a clearly recognizable point in the course of the plot and also have a motivation that the viewer can understand. With Aristotel this consists of a mistake (hamartia) made by the hero. We - - also speak of “tragic guilt”. The tragedy of the plot must not arise from chance. The last structural element in the Aristotelian drama forms the structural counterbalance to the peripetia, the anagnorisis. Anagnorisis is the sudden seeing through of a hidden context through which the dramatic process takes its tragic turn.

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