Fact about electronic equipment Ecommerce Business

When insuring electronic equipment that is used in the field of e-commerce

, it is necessary to take into account the specific risks associated with the operational and other features of this technology (for example, it is very sensitive to environmental parameters and may suffer from dust, high humidity, vibration, excessively high or low air temperature, etc., while the rest of the equipment will not be affected). Since ordinary property insurance does not provide protection against such risks, special insurance is required (companies it is denoted by the abbreviation EEI - electronic equipment insurance), and many insurers already have similar programs.

The main features of the EEI are as follows. The object of insurance is property interests related to the ownership, disposal and use of equipment that is used in the implementation of ecommerce business insurance:

  • Electronic computers used for data processing, control and management;
  • Information transfer devices (modems, etc.);
  • External storage media (floppy disks, CDs, optical disks, etc.);
  • Other electronic devices.

An insured event is the loss of or damage to electronic equipment as a result of:

  • Actions of fire due to fire, explosion, lightning strike;
  • The action of water in connection with failures of the water supply or sewerage network or penetrated from neighboring premises (attic, elevator shaft, interfloor floors, residential and non-residential premises, etc.);
  • Steam actions in case of heating system failures;
  • Power outages;
  • Telephone network failures;
  • mechanical damage (careless unintentional actions of third parties);
  • Intentional actions of third parties (theft or physical damage to electronic devices).

When insuring risks associated with fire, water and steam, it is necessary to take into account that negative consequences for the insured object can also occur as a result of smoke, soot deposition, moisture condensation on devices, vapor penetration into the equipment, etc. the occurrence of damage due to the fact that, due to a fire, a lightning strike and various accidents, externally intact electronic equipment will not work (or will work poorly) due to various kinds of electromagnetic interference. It is also very important for the policyholder to protect against risks associated with short circuits, deviations from standard voltage and frequency levels, and magnetic induction. The considered type of insurance, in contrast to the usual one, takes all this into account. The classic property insurance covers only losses .

The amount of insurance indemnity is determined by the costs required for the purchase of new electronic devices or their component parts, including the cost of delivery, installation and commissioning. Insurance of electronic devices usually costs 0.5-3% of the cost of equipment.

It should be emphasized that when insuring electronic equipment, the loss or distortion of information stored or transmitted through an electronic device is not considered an insured event (to protect against this, there are special information risk insurance programs). The costs of restoring information stored on external media may be reimbursed, but the policyholder must carefully study the contract and make sure that this type of risk is really included in the insurance program.


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