Brazilian social network has SoundCloud emojis, games and tracks

The Tunter is a social network created in northeastern Brazil that brings some special features for the Brazilians, as communities and emoji.

The platform is similar in use to Facebook , but also offers SoundCloud integration , blog search and more. Understand how everything works.
The new network, which for now is only available in a web version, has free access and allows login via Facebook. Usage is quite simple and very similar to the creation of Mark Zuckerberg.

Emojis and games

On your profile, the user creates posts that can be commented and liked by friends and followers. Updates to pages and people followed appear on your timeline, and interactions with contacts are notified through the bell-shaped icon, common on many platforms.

To make the platform even more fun, users can add emojis to their posts - as well as photos, videos, location and more. The network also has games that, like the posts, can be enjoyed by users.

Integration with SoundCloud mp3

Tunter differs from other networks, mainly because of its connection to SoundCloud . To try the integration, just paste the link of the chosen song and select the track in the list that will appear. The feature is useful for artists, who can use the social network to promote their work in a simple way.

As it's very recent, Tunter still doesn't have a well-crafted privacy policy or terms of use, which can make browsing a little confusing. Worth a try.

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