Benefits to Leasing vs. buying a Copier

We also offer rent and lease multifunction copiers and operate copiers. We are recognized for our highly reasonable and sensible pricing. We also provide several discounts for our customers.

When you requirement to replace an existing device or you need a photocopier for your business, we also have Photocopiers  and Print Solution in Scarborough and the GTA available for rent with high speed of brilliant and output copies, we will make sure you have a way that gets the results you want whereas becoming your reasonable.

Four Benefits to Leasing vs. buying a Copier:

1. Reduced Taxes

Did you recognize that you simply can lease equipment and still take full advantage .If you lease a while of qualifying apparatus with a guaranteed buying choice, you'll decrease by the complete charge from your gross income.

The obvious benefit to leasing or financing your copier then taking the incontrovertible fact that you'll deduct the complete amount of the equipment, without paying the complete amount this year. The quantity you save in taxes can actually exceed the payments, making this a really bottom-line friendly deduction and thus in many cases, the tax write-off will actually improve income.

2. Capital Conservation

Paying the acquisition price upfront for brand spanking new technology can involve a large cash outlay. But leasing can release that cash for other purposes. Monthly payments that are structured to accommodate income requirements leave the acquisition of the newest technology today.

General Rule: Buy what appreciates; Lease what depreciates

3.Fixed Payments

With a copier lease, payments are fixed for the whole term of the lease. Knowing what payments to expect beforehand enables you to budget and manage your technology equipment costs. If you purchase and your equipment breaks down, upgrading or replacing it could require paying an outsized amount unexpectedly.

4.Simple Adding Equipment or Upgrading

Leasing can leave add-ons after the lease begins so you're not locked into one configuration such as you are once you purchase a copier. For instance you would like to feature a staple finisher or need more speed. The proper partner offers you a positive buyout if you would like to upgrade or replace your copier.


Copier works provides a whole selection of professional qualities of photocopiers and printers for buying and lease at a small business low charges. Our exclusive interactions with leading of products including Canon, Panasonic, Kyocera, Konica Minolta and Muratec allow us to offer Copiers for rent and lease in Markham, Vaughan, and North York  and the other surrounding areas with  best services and pricing to our clients.


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