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Have you ever worried about a dog with a critical record or an abusive background displaying symptoms of an abused dog?

Viral reports of animal cruelty have invaded the Internet.


If we talk or hear about violence, it involves abandoned or unwanted animals, dog fighting, chained animals, and even more animal cruelty.


Often we can't see the symptoms of animal cruelty, the screams of these innocent creatures, the isolation they're going through, and the most horrible,


The emotional feelings they're trying to erase, but they can't!


The pet caregiver can also ignore the symptoms of not only physical violence but also mental or emotional abuse.

Many of the following symptoms of an abusive dog are to an extreme degree. Any of them are very subtle. Ok now,

Whenever you look at a puppy, don't forget to see or observe these signals. Your little sight and support could save the life of a being.


Post down and let people know your background and advise them how to explain when a dog has been neglected.

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