Tips to Write a Cause and Effect Essay - Guide 2021

Providing an easy guide for students to write an essay.


Science has and continues to have an enormous impact on the development of culture, the economy and society. From scientists who work in research laboratories or for biotech companies, to those who work in applied science related fields such as computer science (, there are many different types of activities that involve scientific processes that allow us to further our understanding of our world. This article will discuss the use of a scientific approach to developing a classification scheme for essays based upon three primary goals: consistency, efficiency, and clarity.


While searching online for information regarding what categorizes an essay, I came across a dissertation from Kent State University titled A Content Analysis of Essay Scores given by Graduate Student Instructors . It notes that many of the existing essay scoring rubrics include a prescriptive approach. This means that when an essay writing service is assigning scores to a student's essay, they are not only looking at what the student wrote, but also at how it was written (with or without spelling and grammatical errors). Another example of this type of scoring would be to use a grading scale where there is a minimum and maximum score for each level.  


This type of scoring does not take into account the overall quality of an essay, but instead is based upon a prescriptive approach that gives specific guidelines for awarding points in order to achieve a certain score.


This article will be proposing a new classification system for essays as well as other written documents by providing an analytical (or scientific) approach to grading them and providing examples demonstrating how this method may be used in classes such as English Composition I or II, College Reading I and II, Writing 101, etc. By using this technique students should be able to receive feedback on their writing that precisely indicates what they need to work on improving. The advantage would be that feedback would be precise, accurate and detailed.


The categories for each level of an essay will include the following:


Description - The description of the essay will be provided using the exemplar which is being used to demonstrate what a 5 (or whatever) could look like in terms of both content and writing. This section will provide students with information about what makes up a top-scoring essay. 


Criteria – What are your criteria for awarding points? There may be times when you want to award points based upon specific actions or features within an essay such as length, use of internal quotations, spelling and grammar, number of sources cited, etc. Other times it might be necessary when reviewing an essay that contains particularly strong content award bonus points based upon that. 


Feedback - Provide the student with information about how they can improve their essay to achieve a higher score. This may include providing them with an exemplar of what they could write in terms of content and writing, as well as suggestions for improvement or ideas on where they can get some additional support such as from one-on-one tutoring.


Now an essay writer can write a compelling essay in just minutes with this scientific approach. You will have your audience on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what next unfolds. Remember that it is always best to use an example from class or outside reading material for any of these approaches and give credit where credit is due! All essays are not created equal, so don’t forget to show off your creativity while still following some basic guidelines. This should help you create a winning paper every time!

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