Do you know? Animal Crossing: New Horizons players dominate Tumblr in 2020

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Good news for you, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will dominate Tumblr in 2020. The town simulator with animals topped the overall list of video games and the most popular themes, beating all other themes on the website.

Fans of the series flooded Tumblr with original works, memes and posts about their favorite villagers. Some people use the platform to expand the relationship between their favorite game characters, such as Flick and CJ. Others made simple jokes about memorable game moments.

Raymond, Marshal, Poppy and Fauna are the Animal Crossing Bells most popular Animal Crossing villagers, and Tom Nook is everyone's favorite civet cat landlord and the third most popular video game character. He is more popular than Cloud Strife, Arthur Morgan and Link on Tumblr.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was launched in March and quickly became one of the most popular games of the year due to global home-for-sale orders caused by the pandemic. Players unleash their creativity by recreating Disneyland, offices and even their own Mario party game board. What's more, Joe Biden's presidential campaign was also involved. The influence of the game is also very large, because many players have joined it, they can find their own happiness in this game, and also let themselves not be bored when they are at home or in their leisure time.

Although Animal Crossing has become an alternative to birthdays, weddings and other meaningful events, it is also an easy way to escape the impact of bad news in 2020. If players want to get Animal Crossing Bells to accelerate their growth, they can find it on In addition, there is the Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket you want. I am also playing this game. This is a website I often browse. Not only do they have good prices, but they also have good service. Players may be online at different times and will have demand at different time periods, but you don't need to worry. Because they are online 24 hours a day, this will provide great convenience, isn't it?