Tips to Getting more Path of Exile Orbs 2020

Tips to Getting more Path of Exile Orbs 2020

We have decided to make this guide for all beginner players that start their adventure in Path of Exile. Furthermore, we believe even experienced Exiles might find some valuable information here. This guide will include tips and tricks for farming more PoE Orbs :

Farming Orb of Fusing by killing monsters

Orb of Fusing is a common currency and can be obtained easily by killing enemies. Slain monsters, opening chests, destroying destructible containers, and Arcanist’s Strongboxes, you all have chances to farm it. Get the Orb of Fusing, which is the fastest and most reasonable way to get Orb of Fusing.

In Path of Exile, Orbs of Fusing are uncommon PoE currency items that could be dropped by killed monsters, destructible containers and chest. Moreover, you also can find them from Arcanist's Strongboxes.

You can buy an Orb of Fusing for 4 Jeweller's Orb from an NPC named Yeena. Usually, this is the same as the market rate for jewellers and fusings, therefore, this is a fine trade with the NPC, unlike some other currency conversions that they offer.

Farm fast. You can put on some item quantity without dropping clear speed. And then farm low tier maps. and 6 socket items are your main income for fusings.

unless you have to link that specific weapon you have, cause the rolls really matter): purchase a linked weapon, or buy divination cards that offer you one.

Orb of Fusing Vendor Recipes

Even though their drop rate is high, I don’t typically get most of my Orb of Fusings from natural drops. The majority of my Orb of Fusing is gained through the Orb of Fusing Recipe. Do what is listed below to increase the number of fusings you earn

Orb of Fusing Prophecy

Reforged Bonds: rewards 5 Orbs of Fusing. Objective: You will kill a pack of monsters with a Bloodline.

The God of Misfortune: rewards 3 Orbs of Fusing. Objective: Kill Kuduku and Kadaka in the Ledge.

Mapping Your ProgressLast but definitely not least would be maps. Aside from the average monster level in a map, the quality and the behavior of its spawns also matter. The more the monsters tend to gather in an area, the more likely it is to be a better farming spot.

Map quality also matters. The higher it is, the likelier you are to get rare drops. Ironically, to improve map quality and get more of these PoE orbs, you’ll have to use a PoE currency called the Cartographer’s Chisel.

If you are lack of poe currency, i recommend you Buy Exalted Orb will be an option that you can't miss, and it will provide safe and cheap POE Currency for you to play better in the game.

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