The top Health Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms

It seems to enable a deep and meaningful experience that allows us to be with people and radically change their way of thinking and perspective, "she added.

The new study supports the claim that the psychedelic drug Psilocybin Mushrooms can be combined with psychotherapy to effectively treat depression and anxiety years after taking the drug.

This study follows a 2016 study that tested the effects of single doses and single doses of silocibin in combination with psychotherapy for depression and anxiety symptoms in cancer patients. In this study, 60-80% of study participants saw both the benefits of immediate treatment and the benefits after 6 and a half months.

The latest study evaluated the results in a smaller group of former participants after three and four and a half years, saying, "At both follow-up points, anxiety, depression, despair, demoralization, and fear of death. "Continuous decline" was discovered.

As in the first study, researchers found that 60-80% of participants met the criteria for clinically significant antidepressant or anxiolytic effects in the last four and a half years of evaluation. I found that.

More participants reported significant "positive life changes" associated with concomitant medications, and in some cases said it was one of the most meaningful events in their lives. ..

Complementing the evidence dating back to the 1950s, our findings strongly suggest that silocibin therapy has the potential to improve the emotional, psychological and psychological well-being of life-threatening cancer patients. "Masu", in a press statement: "This approach can lead to a paradigm shift in the psychological and existing care of patients with cancer, especially those with end-stage disease.

This result confirms the potential use of psilocybin and treatments for people suffering from refractory depression and anxiety, and is especially important for cancer patients who are more difficult to treat with traditional methods. Standard antidepressants work in less than half of cancer patients, and according to Ross, there is no perceptible effect on the "existential and death anxiety" associated with increased suicide in patients.

"These results may reveal how long the positive effects of a single dose of psilocybin last," said PhD candidate and lead author of the latest study in 2016. Gabby Agin-Liebes, co-author of the study, said. It seems to enable a deep and meaningful experience that allows us to be with people and radically change their way of thinking and perspective, "she added.

The specific brain mechanisms of how psilocybin can help treat depression and anxiety are not yet clear, but the latest thinking is that the brain's "default mode network" and drugs are activated during busy times. Focuses on how they interact. Reflection. It seems to play a role in reflection, wandering of the mind, and the way we shape the ongoing self-story. In patients with depression and anxiety, this brain network is prone to rumination and rigorous thinking. Psilocybin with treatment helps patients gain greater thinking flexibility and a wider view from rumination.

According to the research team, the next step in this study is to test drug therapy combinations in a wider and more diverse group of participants with "advanced cancer-related psychiatric and existential distress." Includes.

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