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Many Resumes Are Not Considered Due To These Errors According To Google

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Google automatically rejects resumes, probably due to common mistakes you've made.

Google automatically rejects resumes, probably due to common mistakes you've made.

Former human resources chief Laszlo Bock says Google receives 50,000 resumes per week. Let's take a look at how they sifted through these resumes and Cheap Resume Writing Services.

Looking to be hired by Google or any other desirable employer? You probably won't get it because your resume prevents it. It's not because you didn't summarize what you did well or because you failed to do something that would make you stand out from the crowd. Not even because it's not well written. The reason is very simple and incredibly common mistakes made by the majority of job applicants.

According to a Linkedin post by Humu founder Laszlo Bock, teaching a start-up company how to use a machine makes employees happier and more productive. Before starting Humu, Bock was vice president of human resources at Google when he wrote this article in 2014. But since then, Bock's writing hasn't changed at all, it's still growing in popularity and continues to circulate because it's as accurate now as it was then.

In his article, Bock stated that he reviewed more than 20,000 resumes and Google routinely received 50,000 resumes per week. With this level of flow, they decided there had to be a quick way to eliminate these high numbers of competitors. Thus, Google eliminated all resumes that made one of the five basic mistakes. This has also meant that often highly qualified job applications are not considered.

Here are the most common mistakes made...

  1. Spelling mistakes

Who would be stupid enough to submit their resume full of typos? Seems like a lot of people. Bock cites the survey, which found typos on the resumes of 58 percent of respondents.

How can people be so careless? Bock says the problem is actually the opposite, paying too much attention is the problem. “People who change their resumes most carefully can be particularly vulnerable to this type of error because they often come back again and again to fine-tune their resume.”  

Do this a few times and you'll inevitably notice that a word is dropped or you repeat the dot at the end of the sentence. Because since you read the same text over and over, you are now memorizing that text and your brain cannot notice the mistakes while you are scanning the text with your eyes. The only best solution would be to have someone else read your resume and have the typos corrected and Professional Resume Writing Services.

  1. Confidential information sharing

As an employee, you have access to information your employer does not want you to share. But sometimes it's tempting to share because this information can affect your next employer. That's why Bock also says that when sharing this information, you should try to convey it indirectly instead of writing it directly. E.g; “Consulted a major software company in Redmond, Washington.” i like writing.

According to Bock, 5 to 10 percent of resumes sent to Google may have confidential information, leading to an automatic rejection. Such information also sends the following message to an employer: “If I hire this employee, he may reveal my trade secrets to my competitors when the day comes”.

  1. Lying

Lying on resumes is very common. It's so common that 26 percent of people under the age of 40 do it, and 85 percent of recruiters say they spot lies on resumes they get. And this can be seen very mercilessly. Bock's definition of a lie encompasses many things, such as "writing fabricated information". For example, this includes writing that you have received your undergraduate diploma when you still have 3 credits to complete.

While every piece of information can be verified with internet research, it would be a very stupid move to lie on your resume. And – because distorting the truth is certainly so common – if your resume is perfectly accurate, that resume alone will make you stand out from the competition.

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