Why Separation Agreements Are A Better Choice


Have you been contemplating divorce? Do you believe this to be the best option for your needs? Sometimes, divorce isn't always the best option. In fact, it can often be more damaging than staying together. There are other options to break away from your significant other and draw a line in the sand saying you're done. This is with a separation agreement. Separation agreements are very different from divorce. 

Divorces are final. That is the end of your relationship, severing all ties. A separation agreement acknowledges that you and your significant other are no longer together in the marital sense. But, for all intents and purposes, you remain married. Let's take a look at some of the reasons you would choose a separation agreement over a divorce.


You Maintain Your Benefits

When you are married, you have shared benefits. This includes your insurance, pension plans, etc. You also are in a better tax bracket. When you get a divorce, all of these things go away. You then become a single person. If you want to maintain those benefits and you mutually decide it's beneficial, a separation agreement is a better choice.


Tax Reasons

Some use a separation agreement bc of tax purposes. While this might seem sad, there are good reasons to do so. Being in a better tax bracket allows you to pay fewer taxes. When you separate, you may be put into a higher bracket which means you'll have to pay more at the end of the year. You can avoid all this simply by staying married and opting for separation.


Not Ready To Divorce

Are you not really ready to get a divorce? Whether it's for financial or emotional reasons, some simply don't want to get a divorce. You don't always have to right away, either. Unless you want to get remarried, it serves really no benefit to getting a divorce other than being completely away from your spouse.


Final Thoughts

Have you been considering divorce? Are you wondering if a separation agreement would be better suited for your needs? If you can still talk openly with your spouse but yet no longer want to be with them romantically, a separation agreement might be a great choice. With any of these options, it’s essential to explore viable options for remaining together. Marriage takes work. It isn’t easy. Giving up without attempting to communicate and resolve it could be a misstep and something you regret later on down the road.

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