FIFA 22 - The first major patch brings some change to the game

EA Sports has released a rather large patch for FIFA 22, so big in fact, we're just going to go over some of the highlights with you.

EA Sports has released a rather large patch for FIFA 22, so big in fact, we're just going to go over some of the highlights with you.
With Title Update 1, you will find some changes have been made to FIFA Ultimate Team such as an update to Division Rivals Progress, the walkout animation is now slightly later when opening or previewing a Pack with a walkout Player Item, Tifos can now be seen in the Stadium while a match is paused, and more.
There were also issues with Ultimate Team that were addressed. These include the FUT Champions Play-Offs post-match screen, the FUT Hero Joe Cole's Player Item, the Division Rivals main menu window, and the Play-Offs rewards screen. This is just a taste as the list of fixes is rather long.
As far as gameplay, a big change has come to Goalkeepers in the FUT 22 Coins form of a nerf. Apparently, they were a bit too good at their job and will now no longer be as effective when diving for the top corner shots taken from inside the penalty box. This specifically applies to a situation where shots are taken within 37 feet/11.27 meters of the goalkeeper.
Speaking of Goalkeepers,if you are wondering which ones you should sign in Career Mode, we have you covered.
Along with the nerf to Goalkeepers, the athletes were given some love with new animations. These can occur when a keeper is attempting to save a high finesse shot. According to the notes, the change is intended to provide more authentic-looking Goalkeeper reactions and very slightly increases the effectiveness of Goalkeepers saving this type of shot.
Other gameplay changes include improved frequency of player-controlled sliding blocks making contact with a traveling ball, defense logic for players near the halfway line when defending a counterattack has been updated, the FIFA Coins area where a reticle can be placed during free kicks has been widened, Player Lock will now be canceled in co-op after the Player Locked player performs a pass, or after their teammate performs a pass to a different player, and changes to various instances of Improved referee logic have been applied.
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