How to write a resume

A resume is an official document, the writing rules of which are regulated by the office management manual.

The volume and requirements for the design of the resume

It is necessary to think over several options for a resume - to be sent by mail (or delivered in person), by fax, in electronic form by Email and Professional Resume Writing Services. However, the texts must be identical. The design may vary - a well-chosen photo will decorate your resume, but think about how it will look when received by fax.

  1. The first unshakable rule is that the volume of a resume cannot exceed one, maximum two A4 pages, and it is desirable that the key information is on the first page. If the volume does not allow it, then think about what information you can donate. However, if a person has extensive work experience, this creates certain difficulties and limitations, but when typing a resume on a computer, there is an opportunity to get around this rule: change the font size, although this is not desirable - the resume should be easy to read.
  2. If the resume is more than one page, at the end of the pages it is indicated that the continuation is on the next sheet. On all sheets, except for the first one, the sheet number is printed and the surname is indicated.
  3. If, in terms of the volume of the resume, it turns out to be one incomplete page, the information must be arranged so that the page is completely occupied by the text.
  4. To write a "correct" resume, you must use one font, preferably Times New Roman or Arial. Many fonts in different sizes are unreadable! A strict design style is an indispensable condition. You should also not demonstrate the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop filters: a resume is a document.
  5. When it comes to font size, the standard font size for a resume is 12. All content needs to be the same size.
  6. Each section of the resume should be separated from the previous one.
  7. It is better to use bold and / or underline headings.
  8. Be sure to check the spelling (the F7 button in the Word editor). A misspelled resume has no chance.
  9. The resume should be written in simple language.
  10. For documents of this type, the following page layout is recommended: top margin - 2 cm, right - 2 cm, bottom - 2 cm, left 2.5 cm. It is allowed to narrow the margin by one centimeter and use 10th instead of the standard 12th font size. At the same time, the option with font size reduction is acceptable only if the resume is sent to the employer by e-mail or delivered in person. If the resume is sent by fax, it is better not to use a font size less than 12, otherwise the resume will be impossible to read.
  11. White paper of good quality is used for the resume and buy thesis online.

Custom resume

If you decide to write a non-standard resume, keep in mind - this strategy is not good in all cases. As a guide to action, it can be adopted by representatives of the creative professions who are "allowed" to deviate from the standard. As for specialists in other (non-creative) professions - engineers, drivers, accountants, etc. - it is preferable for applicants to stay within the framework of officially approved standards. This is due, first of all, to the fact that the specialists of this profile are required to be accurate, scrupulous and obligatory adherence to job descriptions.

It should be borne in mind that recruitment agencies, as a rule, use the resumes sent to them as a source of obtaining the necessary information about the applicant, therefore it is "dry" distilled into a standard resume form, in which "creative liberties" are canceled. If you send a non-standard resume directly to the employer, then there is a chance that your creativity will be appreciated by those to whom it was actually intended.

Creativity opportunities

There are a few standard lines you can follow to transform your resume into something creatively different.

  • Photography . According to the classical canons of office work, the photograph should be approximately the same as in the passport. But even here there are no rules without exceptions. One literary editor came up with a very interesting move - instead of a photo on his resume, he placed his silhouette portrait, one of those that are cut with scissors.
  • Design . You can write the key points of the resume in a non-standard font.
  • Epigraph . This tool should be used with caution. It is as effective as it is unpredictable in its consequences and buy term paper online. Some employers don't like being overly clever. But, suppose, if the applicant for the position of a HR manager in the personal qualities column writes his motto: "Putting people first, you will never make mistakes, even in matters of getting money (Michael Marks)" - this will not make his resume worse ...

Risk zone

The share of "non-standard" ones is approximately 0.5% of the total number of resumes. Besides, not all of them are really creative. Taking a non-standard approach to writing a resume, you must be prepared for the fact that HR managers can interpret it, in the sense that the candidate is too extravagant and it will be difficult to cope with him.

The photo

The photograph should not exceed the passport size (3.5 x 4 cm). Naturally, beach photos, and even more so family photos, are not worth imprinting on your resume - this will only express disrespect for the employer.

There are three reasons why you should upload your photo:

  1. A resume that includes a photo of the author is more productive and interesting for the employer.
  2. The photo contributes to a more reliable identification of your personality.
  3. Most employers make their conclusion about providing a job to a job seeker within the first 3 minutes after meeting. Appearance plays an important role in the first impression. That is why, it makes sense to acquaint your potential employer with your image - either it will favorably distinguish you from other applicants, and then the chance of getting a job will increase, or you will not immediately fit in one way or another, and thus, save yourself half a day, which would You have spent on conducting an empty interview for you.

The resume writing style  should meet the following requirements:

  • brevity - the absence of unnecessary words, incomprehensible abbreviations and terms;
  • concreteness - lack of information that is not directly related to the vacancy;
  • purposefulness - a statement of the main information confirming the right to apply for this position;
  • activity - the need to use active verbs showing activity and essay writing. For example, if you have only initial knowledge of accounting, and they are necessary for this position, then you need to write "I know the basics of accounting and auditing." You should never write "participated", "provided assistance", because this allows you to think that you stood on the sidelines and from time to time provided different services;
  • accuracy and clarity of presentation of thought ;
  • selectivity - involves a careful selection of information (do not try to fit everything in one resume. Remember, the resume must fully correspond to the position for which you are applying!);
  • honesty (absence of false information);

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