How to make an app like Tripadvisor?

Today’s technology-focused world is where eighty percent of people like to plan their trips online.

This increase in online planning is the reason why sites like Expedia and Tripadvisor dominate the market. They provide everything a user needs to plan their vacation all from one place. The best part about these sites is that the user can plan their trip without leaving the house.

These sites have reviews, information, pictures, and feedback from numerous locations. This information helps travelers plan their vacations. Today, we will look at the steps required to make a travel app like Tripadvisor.

Step 1- Figure out the app’s USP

The first step in the development process is deciding the app’s target audience and what your app will provide that other apps do not. The idea is to create an app similar to Tripadvisor but with some unique twists and spins. That way, the app will stand out in the market from the rest.

Step 2- Define the basic features

It is always better to start with a minimum viable product and see how the audience reacts to it before spending time on developing something no one wants. If you have a fresh idea, deliver it to the market right away. What’s trending now may become outdated in a year or two. Unique features or services will also help the app make an impact on the target audience.

Step 3- Consider monetization strategies

Broadly speaking, there are three monetization strategies available for any app or website. They are: subscriptions, in-app purchases, and paid features. Most sites and apps use a combination of these features to help them earn a profit. You should consider these strategies as well or else it will be difficult for the app to earn any money.

This should help you get an understanding of the app development process. Now all that is left is to find an experienced mobile app development company to help make your idea a reality.