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The NFL will be back in Mut 22 coins September following a wild 2021 season. Madden 22 will be available on August 20thand brings numerous changes to the annual release. A brand new coaching system, a completely reworked GUI and an extensive scouting system are only the beginning of the cake, with a host of other enhancements to quality of life making Madden 22 a huge improvement over previous entries.

It is possible to view the official trailer below to find out more about the plans of EA for Madden. In the next video, you'll be able to take a review of the new Franchise mode and the new Dynamic Gameday feature.

Much like most major releases there are no discounts for pre-orders before the release date offered for Madden 22. EA Play members can save some money by purchasing from the Microsoft Store or PlayStation Store.

S and PS5 versions will be a bit more expensive than PCs, Xbox Ones and PS4 models.

Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde both make it into Madden 22's Top 10 security players

Similar to fans of every other NFL franchise, Buffalo Bills fans anticipate the yearly release of the Madden NFL 22 video game from EA Sports. This week, EA revealed the overall ratings of the top ten security players in this year's installment of the franchise. The Top 10:

One thing Buffalo Bills fans may notice is that neither Jordan Poyer nor Micah Hyde are on that list.

The remaining five however are subject to debate

The likes of Mathieu, Baker, Bates, Simmons, and Smith are all worthy of places in the Top 10. .

The ratings of Hyde and Poyer are still not known. EA has released only the ratings of certain rookies , as well as the top ten players at certain positions.

If you examine Hyde and Poyer against some of the Top 10 safeties, it's evident the reason why they should be placed higher.

In the year 2020, Poyer finished with 124 combined tackles, five passes defended, two forced fumbles, two interceptions as well as two sacks. Hyde completed the season with 70 combined tackles, five passes defended, and an interception. The numbers are definitely similar to those of some safeties from Madden 22's Top 10.

The best place to begin could buy mut coins madden 22 be with Devin McCourty. McCourty recorded 68 total tackles in 2020 and six passes he protected. Additionally, he had two interceptions. McCourty's numbers don't seem to be much more impressive than Poyer and Hyde's. McCourty should be rated higher in Poyer than McCourty. Hyde should be within three.

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