Why Dogs becomes so anxious about separating from their Master

Are you a dog owner or bringing the one at home and looking for names for Great Danes, Lebra or beagle for that matter?

Are you a dog owner or bringing the one at home and looking for names for Great Danes, Lebra or beagle for that matter? Separation anxiety in dogs is one of the most common behavioural problems that dogs face. This is precisely what it sounds like: your Dog becomes restless when separated from you. Separation anxiety is more than just a nuisance. It can cause serious problems such as house dirt, noise, and disruptive behaviour. Continue reading to learn more from your Jacksonville San Jose vet about separation anxiety.


Reasons of Anxiety in Dogs during separation

Dogs are social animals. Dogs are social animals. They live in groups, and these instincts do not disappear once they are domesticated. Dogs require stability and order in their lives. We can help them with that. Fido can get upset if he's not with you. Call your San Jose or Jacksonville vet to learn more about wild dog instincts. Separation anxiety can also occur when you are out and about. It can also happen when you leave the house. It all depends on your Dog. Some dogs have more severe cases of separation anxiety than others. Contact your San Jose, Jacksonville, FL vet to determine if your Dog suffers from separation anxiety.


Symptoms that your Dog is suffering from Anxiety 

Separation anxiety can appear as an attempt to escape, destructive chewing and scratching, drooling or howling, barking, whining or urinating at home. Coprophagia is the ingestion of dog droppings. Ask your Jacksonville, FL veterinarian about any other symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs. You should be aware that other conditions or diseases can also cause these symptoms. Your San Jose or Jacksonville, FL veterinary clinic may require you to get tested to rule out other causes.


Tricks to overcome Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety can be managed at home. If these methods don't work, you should contact an Animal Clinic in San Jose, Jacksonville, FL, for assistance.


Try desensitizing first. You can do this by leaving Fido alone for a short time and rewarding them with treats and praise. You will gradually be able to extend the duration of your absence. You have to be consistent and slow. More information on this technique is available at the Jacksonville, Florida Animal Hospital in San Jose. Your return and return home should be as smooth as possible. Avoid possible triggers such as clinking keys or sliding purses. Your Dog will associate loneliness with these triggers. Consult your San Jose or Jacksonville, FL vet for more information on what it may trigger in your Dog.


If you're unable to avoid the stress triggers, or haven't tried a lengthy desensitization program, San Jose or Jacksonville, FL vets can help. In extreme cases, anti-anxiety medications may be prescribed. For best results, these drugs can be combined with behaviour modification to maximize effectiveness. Please get in touch with us if you have problems with separation anxiety with your Dog. Please make an appointment at our San Jose or Jacksonville, FL Animal Hospital. We will examine your Dog to help you find the best solution.

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