How AWS Cloud Hosting Leading the Magento E-Commerce Market in 2021?

Amazon Web Service cloud hosting solutions has become the most preferred Cloud Computing services. If you check the hosting of successful e-commerce stores, like Alibaba, Ikea, and Amazon, you will find AWS cloud hosting solutions. Renowned retailers and e-commerce stores host the core app

AWS offer the most robust architecture ensuring e-commerce stores to rely on the AWS features to interact with the visitors and efficiently meet sales target. Another reason behind its success is the ability to scale server resources within minutes. Furthermore, Magento AWS hosting offers security to e-commerce stores at an unbeatable rate and globally-compatible infrastructure.

AWS platform holds the benefit of operating its own online store, the Amazon, World’s biggest most popular e-commerce platform. AWS solution has developed numerous industry-leading technologies that have made it the most promising e-commerce hosting platform.

Reasons to invest in Magento AWS for Your E-commerce Store

  1. Advanced Security

The topmost priority of any online store is security. With AWS, no need to worry about how to secure a Magento website again. AWS is the most secure hosting for any online selling business. Its secure cloud computing offers access to infrastructure via an encrypted environment. It even has secure reports, encrypted data storage, inbuilt firewalls, data security and private subnets.

  1. Optimized Performance

The speed of AWS makes it the most promising than other hosting providers. AWS delivers amazing speed, which provides it the ability to work better. In addition, Amazon has invested an enormous resources to upgrade and maintain their data centers for best infrastructure. They guarantee quick and satisfactory solution to issues and furnish it with fast and efficient operations.

  1. No Downtime

It is guaranteed with Magento Cloud Hosting your store will stay online 24/7. Even during the significant outage, the resources and capacity will be reduced, but Magento store will face no downtime. But if such problems would happen with other hosting providers, it will result into downtime.

With AWS' simple usage, unlimited bandwidth, scaling capabilities, and storage, you'll be prepared to take your Magento store to newer heights. In addition, the flexibility, security, and reliability enhance the performance of store at every stage.

  1. Deployment Speed

Magento hosting with AWS lowers the deployment time to a great extent. In traditional hosting companies, the provision for their services and a new server generally needs 2-4 days. In addition, getting more memory and hard drive space is not feasible as you need to rent servers on a long-term basis. However with AWS, you can start operating and testing your Magento Store instead of waiting.

  1. Faster Page Load Times

Many developers experts have tested the AWS hosting speed and found that it is the best in Magento speed optimization measure. Thus, the unified performance and steady structure in addition to swift management of issues is always on cards. Therefore with Magento hosting plans provide the fastest Magento Hosting with page loading times under 0.3 seconds.

  1. Dynamic Flexible

In this progressive world of online stores, every functionality requires flexibility to make the programs easy to operate. As the online selling business is evolving very fast, our web stores need most of their functionalities to be agile. A clear benefit of using Amazon AWS is that it is very versatile, having dynamic functions and flexibilities in its operations.

Wrapping Up:

Cloud hosting proves to be an excellent solution for Magento store hosting. Amongst the various services in the cloud platforms, Magento Support and Maintenance service has the most importance. The growing number of users says everything about the hosting popularity flexibility.