It is hard to recreate the excitement of playing Runescape in one of its formats.

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However, everyone has OSRS GP their preferred game or stage in development. 07scape may be the game you prefer to play over the current version. Alot of people thought that way, and even though there are players on the servers that first feeling of "OMG I am so sad to see this" wore out quickly for many cases because the engine might be an older version however the players' community and mindset of players has moved on irrevocably.

Although there have been some changes in RS2 EOC that are irrevocable, there are still things they could do. Personally, i find the 07 graphics to be to be depressing. However, they were reasonable considering the time. The issue you and I have to balance is whether you prefer to play the game that you loved or let it grow.

Hey everyone, I've got a funny story to tell you about my ban experience. People will laugh, while others might be ashamed. I got a 24-hour ban yesterday, and it left me angry because I didn't believe I did anything wrong. I was banned because I boated. I don’t know any way to bot lmao. It was just one day, and I decided to not contest to it. I carried on with my work.

My bank was scattered all over the place. JAGEX had taken many of my valuable items and disappeared as a consequence. It was quite shocking. I was furious, but what can I I played on and soon after looked at my stats... my 99 now 90 mining has dropped to 89 and my other stats are down at least 2 levels...except thief... which is still 99 ,... and i am completely furious.

Guess i have lots of work buy 2007 runescape gold to do...but ultimately, the third and most important thing they did to me was that my account was redrawn and not in order...OCD kicked-in...they do not even know how much time it took me to get it set up.

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