“Which coaching institute will be best for the anthropology optional UPSC in Delhi?”

The best UPSC Anthropology Coaching Institute in India is Sapiens IAS. The institute is based in Delhi but students all throughout the country can experience the teaching methods provided here through the online anthropology courses.


The best UPSC Anthropology Coaching Institute in India is Sapiens IAS. The institute is based in Delhi but students all throughout the country can experience the teaching methods provided here through the online anthropology courses.


Anthropology is purely a theoretical subject so students usually prefer self-study. What they don’t understand is lacking in-depth knowledge in this exact subject if not studied properly. The cherry on the top is being taught by Mr. Pradip Sarkar, who himself is the master in this!



Why choose Sapiens IAS?


  1. The Prime: Sapiens IAS is a prime institute in coaching of anthropology for the preparation of UPSC in Delhi. 
  2. The Anthropology Department itself:  Pradip Sarkar, a renowned name in the coaching for anthropology sector, is the sole teacher for anthropology at Sapiens IAS, handling the entire course single-handedly.  
  3. Mode of learning:For the students who stay in Delhi, Sapiens IAS has a provision of offline classes that provide face-to-face interaction between the teacher, Mr.Pradip Sarkar, and the students. There is also provision for online classes.
  4. Course Structure:Sapiens IAS is an institute that is keen on completing the syllabus for the sake of its students but also gives time to them for questioning Mr. Sarkar about the doubts they may have.
  5. Test series:Tests conducted by Sapiens IAS make the studentsheir comfort zone behind and make them so confident that they breeze through the papers during Prelims and MAINS.
  6. Experience:15 years of being the leader of anthropology coaching institute, Sapiens IAS has an edge over others. Mr. Pradip Sarkar is also an asset to this institute.
  7. Toppers:This institute has created toppers in every line including, IAS, IRS, as well as IPS.
  8. Crash Courses:Crash course is also provided by Sapiens IAS for students thorough with the syllabus but lacking confidence in writing the MAINS examination. This crash course prepares the aspirant for any hurdle they might face during the exam. 
  9. Results:10000+ students have been a part of Sapiens IAS and it is also known that the students as well as their parents are really happy with the outcome of the student’s performance. 


Should you join Sapiens IAS?


  1. The guidance provided by Sapiens IAS in anthropology is only because of the high amount of experience they have. 14 years in the line of anthropology makes them a leaderfor sure.
  2. Pradip Sarkar is the best anthropology teacher all over India. He does his best to teach his students the newest studies and researches going on in the field of anthropology throughout the world. Along with the modern trending affairs, he provides the students with all the tips and tricks he has learned throughout his teaching career. 
  3. Sapiens IAS has an amazing offline learningprogram that is very helpful for aspirants staying in Delhi. The transportation connectivity is also great and the location is easy to reach. For aspirants outside Delhi, high-quality live video lectures are conducted and recorded lectures are also available for revision.
  4. The testsare formed in a way that will test the aspirant how he performs in an examination environment, as it is quite different from the usual classroom.
  5. Pradip Sarkar himself prepares study materials and notes for every student who studies at Sapiens IAS. These notes contain everything required to clear MAINS UPSC with brilliant marks.
  6. Along with the live online lectures on anthropology, online doubt lecturesare conducted from time to time with an immediate response to the questions put up by the students.
  7. Regular coursesor the crash course are the two options to be chosen from, both equally beneficial for the applicant.


The only reason why a guide is so important for studying anthropology is that the human mind is complicated and works differently in different humans who are done excellently at Sapiens IAS by Mr. Pradip Sarkar.


Studying anthropology on your own is easy. But there are small tips and tricks which can be provided only by experts like Mr. Pradip Sarkar. Since anthropology is his field of expertise, he knows it the best. 


Over 15 years is the amount of time this institute has been in action in the anthropology sector, which gives it an edge over any other institute you would be looking out for joining making it the best anthropology coaching centers in Delhi.


It is a guarantee that getting admission to Sapiens IAS will be one of the best decisions you will ever make and it will be something you will never regret over. Joining Sapiens IAS will be the best thing you would ever have done.



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