A piece of common knowledge is Known to everyone that Global Positioning System (GPS) is to used to find the location accurately.

A piece of common knowledge is Known to everyone that Global Positioning System (GPS) is to used to find the location accurately. GPS units were used by people who wanted to know their way home while traveling to other countries, Now GPS ar used to find the location of every individual asset and to track vehicles.

Fleet Tracking is now in trend and used by fleet owners to know where their vehicles are at all times. It provides great help to fleet owners and their vehicles in knowing exactly what their vehicles are at all times. This offers great help to business owners who require timely information on their work information and deliveries.

It also allows the managers and asset owners to know the locations of their drivers to maintain their fuel costs and to coordinate a route that is logical and when the change is about to occur. The managers and fleet owners can know all the information about their vehicles when they exceed speeding limits or when there is a drastic change in the engine's meter. It can also mean reckless driving, The GPS Tracking Systems have made the road experience safer and reduce the risks of injuries and death.


TELTONIKA GPS Distributors provides many benefits like:

AutoSecutity features the way of knowing who exactly one has hidden them at all times. Our Tracking Devices when attached it lets you know the location on their handled devices,

 If your vehicles are sure to be engaging with burglars, say if you're owning a Ferrari or something, then you are going to be able to receive an SMS on your phones with its location twenty-four / seven. with an alert.

For youngsters and for the little ones GPS have proven to be very advantageous like parents mentality involves around always protecting their kids you never can take too much care of them, Imagine what a relief it is for their parents of knowing that there is a device that can locate their kid's location whenever they want to know, they are free from their concerns about their little ones too who like to wander away from their parents.

For Camping People and Jungle Explorers - It is easy to get lost in the natural settings ask any natural wildlife explorers like Bear Grylls! Gone are the days when they were forced to look at the detailed maps or identify the routes through rivers or sun or even north star to know their home location, now they have GPS and they can never get lost in the wildlands, GPS TRackers get them back at their home safely. Now our camping enthusiasts can more openly go far away from with and explore all the mother nature they ever wanted to and never get lost from home.

The same goes with the Elderly Folks too when they are to be taken care of but there is no one home or their children had their corporate lives to handle, the GPS Trackers then comes as a boon, they can help track their parents lives with it and in case of emergencies they can get alerts should the elders falls or have any requirements.

Live Saver for Single Parents and Women's especially for those who live alone and are threatened of their safety, GPS trackers are handy security devices for them when they are needed to get back home or young girls who are just starting their university.

The best device for Parking-  Don't tell you have never lost your vehicle in the parking lot before, we sure have had those moments once in a while in our lifetime. But not anymore!

GPS Devices now tracking the location where you left your car parked among millions of automobiles, it sure can be very annoying to find them when you are running late, Here we're using GPS tracking devices to lead us to the location of our Cars. Excellent for people who live in large, multi-story or society buildings.


In the event of a Pandemic where everyone has to keep it distances TELTONIKA Devices provide geo fences technology in their GPS devices where a geofence set up around your area will give you alerts if someone tries to enter and take your car you can also set up geofences around your work, favorite stores, farm, plots and other locations you commonly visit and so on.

In brief, we offer Indoor tracking solutions Tracker’s security Secure vehicle disabling Drivers’ Body Temperature Monitoring Geo-fence Solution in the Event of Pandemic Basic Track TraceMotorcycle Tracking, Protection and SafetyGreen driving solutionANTI-THEFT SOLUTION AND STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERY

As a manager of cars and multiple vehicles or fleets, you can use geofences to send alerts and provide timestamps of when and how many people are allowed one at a time, or who is leaving the job-site, leaving work, keep them out of restricted areas. Now manage your office territories easily with TELTONIKA Multifunctional GPS Trackers in Qatar.

We are 100% sure one of those these must have happened to use and GPS can be a great necessity in times like these and these are the uses of it that should be acceptable enough for you and the great news is that nowadays GPS tracking devices are very inexpensive enough for everybody to benefit from its multitalented uses!

So now get looking browse through our TELTONIKA services and products that are made available for every use be it for advanced users for a casual home setting and shortly you will be using the joys of GPS tracking devices every day and you will wonder how you ever got on with your lives till now without them!


Use our GPS Technologies to reduce costs, utilize every possible resource available in the organization, and manage the organizational operations with the least expenditure possible.

Teltonika Distributors at Qatar offers a wide range of trackers for every use and every professional service: Easy Trackers, Advanced Trackers, Special Trackers, Professional Trackers, and other IT Smart Solutions


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