What Do You Need for Sublimation Printing?

To print this type of paper feasible, you need five tools that are essential to print.

Sublimation Printer

First, the vital thing to have is sublimation printers. This kind of technology was developed for homes as well as factories. In the past, the sublimation equipment was expensive. Due to the increased printing demand and printers, these printers have dramatically decreased in cost. The most popular sublimation printers are Mimaki, Mutoh, and Durst. buy good quality heat transfer vinyl for that.

Sublimation Paper

Any spectrum colour can be produced and printed on papers that are compatible that uses Sublimation Printer. This kind of paper is also known as transfer paper or sublimation paper. You can print your artwork or a custom-designed logo or a family photo or any other design you want for printing onto the paper in the same way they would using office papers.

Computer Software

Certain printers for sublimation include software required to set up the printing process out. These programs on computers are referred to as RIP software, which is short for 'Raster image Processor'. Some printers do not have this feature. However, the RIP software can be purchased separately. It is important to note that the software has to match the kind of printer utilized.

Cutting Mechanism

Other items recommended for sublimation are cutting tools, regardless of whether it's a blade or the circular blade. This is essential when making original fabrics. Certain cutting products have multiple options in one system that can meet all requirements. You will also require equipment for sewing to hem the material. This is essential for creating SEG (or Silicone Edge Graphic) frames.

Types of Heat Press available

Another essential item to print is a heat press used for the subsequent sublimation process that follows printing. The primary function of a heating press's function is to take the image from the sublimation paper onto the desired material, for example, coffee mugs, tablecloths, and t-shirts. The result is an item with a more precise image impervious to fade, making it more durable in the long term. Similar to printers, Sublimation transfer comes at different sizes, designs and prices to meet every need.


If it concerns dye sublimation, there are four kinds of sublimation transfer that can be utilized:


Calender Heat Press

The calendar heat press is ideal if you are printing sublimation on more extensive, softer materials, like fabric signs. The press is more prominent and can print on clothing and banners.

Small Heat Press

If you are sublimating only small items, for example, making a design for handheld dishes, a small heat press could be recommended. The press doesn't take up much space and can incorporate various kinds of pressing materials. 

Flatbed Heat Press

For more rigid materials like floor tiles and similar decor for homes, A flatbed heat press is suggested for sublimation. This kind of press can be used for various purposes and can be used for printing on garments. 

3D Vacuum Heat Press

In smaller objects with more distinct forms and edges, the 3D vacuum heat press is the ideal choice. This kind of printer was created to sublimate objects that don't have flat surfaces. Making printing accessible to a greater variety of items.


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