Professional holistic health coach

Your Guided Health Journey offers a professional holistic health coach. Taking a holistic approach to health and healthcare entails considering how all areas of a person's life influence their well-being, including their diet, exercise regimen, relationships, work-life balance, and s

With the right program you will learn how to identify the toxic sources in your life internal and external. Identify, Remove and Restore: The basic philosophy behind any effective wellness coach is to identify, remove, and restore. Those days are gone when the near-dear ones of alcoholics and drug addicted patients used to roam around for the proper treatment. Human body's liver and kidney carry out the detoxification process. But, in case of the hardened drug addicted and alcoholics different kinds of detox programs are necessary.

In most of the cases detox programs can be organized at home, but in extreme cases, when the patients experience the detox symptoms like hallucination and delusion, treatments are carried out in treatment centers.

You can easily get a comprehensive range of detox and drug withdrawal information from the Internet. So, why wait? If you or some of your near-dear one is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction then without wasting any more time go for the treatment and come back to a normal life. Environmental factors like chemicals and gases in the air, unfiltered water, toxins from paint, from affected air fresheners, deodorants, unpurified water, cleansing products and washing powders and emotional contaminations - fright, fearfulness, anxiousness, stressful demanding lifestyles, bad relationships, troublesome families and peer pressures.

Spiritual factors - lack of guidance, direction or pathways, substance, bad behavioral patterns, meaningful education and empty aims without wellness coach.

As you can appreciate from the above list holistic health coach doesn't simply involve a change of diet and if you read between the lines you can easily recognise that each category in the list can combine with others to manifest and magnify it's effects on the body. For example, after a disagreeable day at work we often make for comfort foods brimful of sugar that gives us a temporary lift or nip down to the local pub for a swift drink. This is why many people who have undergone a healthy detox diet do not see considerable benefits and find they are disappointed but they haven't taken into account the other areas of toxicity. So if you expect to regain your vitality with a healthy detox you also need to deal with the added components which all bombard your body with toxic virulent bullets. The real secretr to regaining your vitality and releasing your vigour means your detox plan must also solve the mental, emotional, environmental and lifestyle, aswell as the tangible, toxicities which bombard your body on a regular basis. The holistic health coach will examine these added factors in more depth to give you a better picture of what they are and how they tend to affect the body.

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