What is Denial Management?


Most of the time, when a patient provides insurance information to a medical facility, the medical biller will be able to take that and provide the insurance company with the information they need to process the treatment and pay the medical facility. But there are some situations where there is a denial from the insurance company and the medical biller is going to need to take some time to work through this.

Denial management is going to be a very important factor when it comes to Revenue Cycle Management. It works to motivate a profitable revenue growth because a good plan being in place will make insurance company denials less likely to happen, speeding up the time it takes to finish a claim and getting the medical facility paid. It also allows the medical biller to have a good way to address any claims that are denied so that they can solve the issues and maintain some of the follow-up that they need.


The first thing to do in this is to determine why the claim was denied in the first place. Many insurance companies will say what the issue is and that can help save some confusion. If this information is not shared, then the medical biller may take some time to follow-up so that they can learn more. This works to help reduce the risk that there will be future denials that the company has to work with.


Each of the claims that are denied will be analyzed and researched by the right team to figure out how to avoid these problems and what the best way to solve all of this it. When it is done well, it can result in quicker payments for some of the denied claims and will help the company to make more money overall. They can also work to prioritize the denied claims based on the payer, the amount, and more to maximize the amount that insurance is going to pay for these procedures overall.


There are many components that come with medical billing and coding and one of those will be all about denial management. When there is a good management plan in place for some of the denials that come in from insurance companies, it can help reduce how many of these occur and will make it easier for the medical facility to get paid. Find the right medical biller and coder to work for your company, even if you are going with a third-party company, and see what a big difference that can make for your business.

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