Those who want to play The Elder Scrolls Online can play for free until January 26

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This is an opportunity for a free carnival. ZeniMax Online Studios allows players to play The Elder Scrolls Online for free, and people can play in the mysterious open game world until the 26th of this month. If they want to get the most happiness, they might as well go to Buy some Cheap ESO Gold, which can elevate their gaming experience to a very high level.

Like the usual free trials opened by the game team, players can take full advantage of the many benefits of ESO Plus subscription. This behavior is also one of the good measures taken by game companies to expand the audience of games. Not only is the main content of the game for players to enjoy, they can also explore DLC content and new areas and dungeons to get more valuable resources. It is not an unfair behavior for those players who have already purchased The Elder Scrolls Online, but we can say it to be a brilliant marketing campaign.

This also includes Orisian, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Shadow of History, Morrowind (region and story), Somerset (region and story), Ellsville (region and story) and the latest DLC Mar Cass. Other benefits you can experience include: unlimited handbags, double storage space for all characters in the account, 10% experience points and gold coin polishing, double decoration and collectible space, dyed clothing and double storage of transformed ESO Gold.

Those who want to participate in the free trial now please remember these steps. They need to log in to the client of The Elder Scrolls Online first, and then go to the Crown Store after entering the game, then click the ESO Plus tab and select Free Trial to start the normal game. There is no need for players to use a credit card throughout. Again, a better gaming experience needs players to buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold to achieve, just do it if they want!

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