Animal Crossing: The secrets of the characters in New Horizon

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Many people should know Animal Crossing: New Horizon has gained great popularity during the 2020 global lockdown. This game is the best-selling game in the Animal Crossing series and the 28th best-selling game in history. Naturally, this popular game will cause a fanatical pursuit of its role in the community.

From Isabelle and Tom Nook to the Able sisters, each of them is someone's favorite character in a Nintendo life simulation game. But are you sure you know everything about your favorite character in the game? Here are some of the secrets your favorite character has been hiding in them!

Tom Nook is one of the first characters encountered while playing New Horizon. He is a raccoon that players like to go to almost everything, such as building expansions. He is also the planner responsible for vacation packages on the island. However, most players may not have noticed Nook's obsession with golf.

When we visited Nook for an upgrade, we could see the golf club in the Animal Crossing Bells residents' tent. In addition, Tom Nook's office also has a special golf magazine. In addition, even in Happy Home Designers, the loading screen will show Tom Nook playing golf.

In the animal hybrid world, it is no secret that capable sisters have a complicated family history. This became clearer when we focused on the multiple family portraits on the wall behind the Sable workstation. In fact, one of the photos shows three Able sisters hanging out on the beach. This indicates that the family may have visited the island earlier.

Two of Abbott’s sisters, Mabel and Sable, are in charge of the family business. Their previously estranged sister Labelle left to pursue fashion and returned to reunion with siblings. Speaking of the estranged sister Able, it is important to note that she does not always identify with Labelle. Her previous name was Label, but she changed her name while pursuing fashion. However, we can safely assume that now she is back, she can consider reverting to Label.

The hatred of Tom Nook and Redd. The traveling fox in the game Redd and Tom Nook seem to be unfriendly. When Nooks talked about his bad experience of working with foxes in Happy Home Designer, we first understood this competition. However, we also understand that this kind of competition is two-way, as Redd said, everyone should be alert to Tom Nook.

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