Everything about WordPress Website Hacking - Reasons & Preventions Steps

WordPress is a popular and easy to use CMS. But, with these advantages several unforeseen risks are also present. Being an open source software, WordPress is like a magnet for hackers looking to access a website to exploit. Hacking is performed by different means including sending phishing

Hacking cause damage to business reputation, and if you do not consider hiring WordPress developer to fix the hack and restore website to a secure level, damage can be severely high. In addition, it may take a long time to regain the trust of customers again.

Why is WordPress Targeted by Hackers?

Not only WordPress website on the internet are vulnerable to hacking threats. But WordPress is world’s most popular CMS and powers over 31% of all websites across the globe. This huge popularity gives hackers a simple opportunity to find websites that are less secure.

Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons of WordPress sites getting hacked, and how to prevent.

Insecure Web Hosting

Similar to other websites, WordPress sites are hosted on a web server too. Some hosting service provider lacks proper security of their hosting platform. This makes websites vulnerable to hacks.

This can be easily prevented by choosing top-rated hosting service provider with advanced security. It ensures site is hosted on a secure platform. Secure servers help to block several attacks on WordPress sites. For additional security, use a managed WordPress hosting provider.

Weak Passwords

Passwords are the utmost security parameter to a WordPress site. Make sure a strong unique password for every account is used because this provide hacker complete access to website.

  • Admin account
  • Web hosting account
  • FTP accounts
  • MySQL database
  • Email accounts

All these accounts are password protected. Using weak passwords makes it simple for hackers to crack the passwords. You can easily fix this with implementation of strong passwords and consulting professional WordPress Website Development Company for each account. They will implement latest security to ensure website is free from potential hacks.

Unprotected Access to WordPress Admin

Admin dashboard gives a user authority to perform different activities on the WordPress site. It is also the most liked area for hackers. Leaving it vulnerable allows hackers to implement different strategies to access a website. To fix it add multiple layers of authentication to WordPress admin directory.

If you run a multi-author or multi-user site, implement strong passwords for all users on the website. You can even integrate two factor authentication to make it more challenging for hackers to access admin area.

Not Updating WordPress

Some WordPress users are afraid to update their WordPress sites. They fear that this would break their website. Each new version fixes bugs and security vulnerabilities. If you’re not updating WordPress, then you are leaving website vulnerable.

If you are afraid update will break website, then before running an update create a complete WordPress backup. This way, you can easily revert back to previous version in case of any trouble.

Not Updating Plugins

Just like the WordPress software, updating plugins is equally important. Using an outdated plugin can make your website vulnerable. Security flaws and bugs are usually discovered in WordPress plugins.

Usually, WordPress plugin developers are quick to fix them up. But if a user does not update their plugin, then there is nothing to make them secure. Make sure to keep WordPress plugins up to date.

Wrapping Up:

From above you can learn there are numerous simple things to protect WordPress website from getting hacked. In addition to them make use of SSL certificates, and two-step authentication. You can consider using a security plugin that ensures site’s security and safety. If you’re not that confident with the technicalities, hire a professional for website maintenance service. Having someone for WordPress Support on a regular basis fixing issues helps you avoid bigger problems in the future.