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Are you planning a vacation to Cleveland, Ohio and searching for things to do In Cleveland, you may discover entertaining things to do no matter what your interests are. Look through our list for a range of suggestions, and you'll be sure to have a good time in this bustling and intr

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, also known as the Cleveland Zoo, is a 74-acre zoo in Cleveland, Ohio. The zoo is divided into several areas: Australian Adventure; African cloth; Northern nature hike, the building of chimpanzees, cats, and aquatic animals, the waterfowl lake, the rainforest, and the new highlands of Asia. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has one of the largest numbers of animals in North America. The zoo is part of the Cleveland Metroparks system.


Best Zoo in Ohia


The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo was founded in 1882. They were the most popular attraction in Northeast Ohio compared to the people of Cleveland.  If you want to go outdoor so things to do in Cleveland  It is one of the best zoos. The design is very good, the tiger cages that allow them to step on it was one of my favorite features. for one of the best views of Cleveland, you've ever seen. Animals were also much more active in a zoo. even the red pandas passed the glass.


 A wide variety of animals, easy to walk for capable adults and energetic children, easy to maneuver with a stroller or wheelchair in most places, and has many unique features like crossing an elephant walking. Some of the most popular zoo souvenirs come from the Asian Lantern Festival. It is so beautiful

The Cleveland Zoo is definitely the best zoo I have visited in Northern Ohio so far. So many animals to see. The kids liked the top row.

The Asia Lantern Festival


Cleveland most attractive zoo so things to do in Cleveland it's Asian Lantern Festival was great. So many cartoons with animated and non-animated animals lit from within, from giraffes to giant pandas, sloths, lions, giraffes, and elephants. It was crowded, but it was quite manageable. The elephants were in their cages and seemed to enjoy the music and the beautiful evening. We even saw a rhino, an Amur leopard, and a caribou. I really liked the large animal farm, it does not always guarantee a place to visitors, but it allows the animals to spend time out of the public eye when they want to escape. It makes you happy.

The zoo was technically closed, but some animal attractions along the lantern trails were still open. They were all amazing and beautiful, so vibrant and colorful and creative.


 Cleveland Metroparks 


Such animal is because of which we can say things to do in Cleveland. The recently reopened rainforest in Cleveland Metropark zoo is amazing and their cafeteria offers surprisingly fresh dishes. Perfect for lunch Being a member of the zoo isn't just a fun way to support the Cleveland Metroparks. The kangaroo train is always great. They had two cars that went back and forth between the elephant area and the primate area.



The elephant exhibit is definitely the zoo's great attraction. You can see it early as you just passed the zoo entrance. Very friendly and informative staff. I easily spent 3 hours walking to all the exhibits. As an old man, he could have used this tram not just in one area of the zoo, but anywhere. A lot of walking.  most of the animals were away from home. Take a lot of pictures. it was a better zoo.

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