The Mystic Guidance Of Numerology

Numerology is a form of divination or fortune telling that is based upon the power of numbers. Each number holds its own special meaning and its own power. It is based upon this that a numerologist can tell a person what their future holds.

Numerology is basically any use of numbers to help in divination. Many other forms of divination use numerology in some way. 

Tarot cards and astrology, for example, both use aspects of numerology. Numerology can be used alone, though. 

The basic numerology chart is based upon a person’s birth name, the name on their birth certificate, and their birth date. 

Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number 1-9. The letters in the persons name are matched to the correct number to transform their name into a string of numbers. 

So to do a basic numerology chart you have to start out by creating the numbers you will use. You will take the persons name and break it down into numbers. 

It is important to keep the first, middle and last names separate because you will use them separately sometimes during the chart creation. 

Now you will chart out each letter of each name to get its number value. Here is the number-letter correspondence chart you will use and an example for your reference: 

1 – A J S 

2 – B K T 

3 – C L U 

4 – D M V 

5 – E N W 

6 – F O X 

7 – G P Y 

8 – H Q Z 

9 – I R 

For the name Sally May Smith Here is what the chart would look like: 

S-A-L-L-Y = 1-1-3-3-7 

M-A-Y = 4-1-7 

S-M-I-T-H = 1-4-9-2-8 

After you chart the name you will also need to reduce the values to a single digit. Like this: 

S-A-L-L-Y = 1-1-3-3-7 = 1+1+3+3+7 = 15, 1+5 = 6 

As you can see, you add the numbers together are keep adding them together until you get a single digit. It is important to note, though, that you should keep all your figures because you will sometimes used the reduced amounts and sometimes use the single digits that correspond to each letter.

The birth date is easy because it is already numbers. All you will need to do is write it out and figure up the reduced number for the birth month, birth day and birth year. Here’s what it would look like for someone born January 5, 1987: 

Month = January = 1 

Day = 5 

Year = 1987 = 1+9+8+7 = 25, 2+5 = 7 

Now that you have the name and birth date changed into numbers and reduced you can begin the numerology chart. 

The easiest numerology chart is the birth chart. This chart simple tells a person about their life in general. It is a good way for a person to look deeper inside them and to really get to the heart of what makes them who they are. 

There are many options in numerology charts that you can do. Once you know how to chart out a name and birth date, you can do almost any numerology chart. So, now you know how to do that, so all you need to do is start charting.

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