What is a Demat Account Why do you need it

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You must have heard people before the  Demat account  saying that I bought shares of this company today and sold it after some time do you understand what I am talking about, yes absolutely everything related to the stock market where people want to invest, the objective is to increase their wealth and get good returns from investment do you know that Demat account is a medium to invest in India

Because primary investors have all the questions somewhere in their mind and they get confused about them today I will try to explain to you clearly what is Demat account and how you can use it and you can get a free Demat account How can I open?

What is a Demat

Unlike the way a trading account is for investing in the Indian stock market or buying or selling shares of a company or applying for an initial public offering, India has a Demat account to do all these things. The primary meaning of physical shares is to be traded in digital format.

A Demat account also behaves like a bank account because in this you can withdraw and add funds in digital format, the added funds can be traded in the Indian stock market, here the Demat account has other uses because abroad. For most people in India, another form of Demat account is popularly known as a trading account.

How To Open Free Demat Account In India

If you also want to invest in the Indian stock market then you have to  open a free Demat account  but let me make it clear here that a Demat account is available on two types of terms, some brokerage houses open Demat account for free and some brokerage houses open with a little charge

If you also want to open a Demat account for free, I would recommend that you can get a free Demat account with Angel Broking, which is one of the most popular stock brokers in India, generally, here you will find free access to all features .