Diverse Applications of IVR

IVR service providers offer outstanding IVR solutions for small businesses that help them to grow quickly and expand their scale of operations. They improve customer experience and result in increased profits.

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a new-age technology that enables communication with a computer-operated telephone using a keypad. It makes use of voice tones and dual-tone multi-frequency tones to respond to commonly-asked questions. IVR service providers offer robust IVR solutions for small businesses that deliver significant results. 

Knowlarity’s IVR Solutions for small businesses are a powerful tool to enhance sales and amplify profits. They have diverse applications and can be customized to suit specific needs. Five applications of IVR are as follows: 

  • Route calls: The main application of an IVR system is to route calls within a business organization. Earlier, organizations had to hire receptionists to answer calls. The advent of IVR technology saves small business enterprises from incurring any extra expenditure in hiring people to answer and transfer calls. IVR service providers in India also offer IVR systems that use artificial intelligence to handle frequently asked queries on their own. They not only route the calls to the trained specialists but can also record calls.
  • Retrieve information from a database: An IVR service provider ensures that the callers can retrieve the information stored in a database using IVR technology. Real-time information can be retrieved without any human interference. Banks use this feature extensively as people want to check their account balances, transactions summary, recent credit card and debit card purchases, etc. Small business organizations can also use this feature. They can populate their website with the required information and then integrate it with an IVR system. IVR solutions for small businesses are in huge demand as they are cost-effective and do not require a lot of investment.
  • Sales tool: Knowlarity’s commendable IVR solutions for small businesses are also effective sales tools. They can be used to augment revenue streams and multiply profits exponentially. The sales department can use the IVR systems as virtual brochures describing the distinct features of their product offerings. IVR service providers can also embed the option of speaking to live representatives at any time. Small enterprises can also use IVR technology to set an IVR order form. The callers can fill this IVR form using the telephone keypad. The completed forms can be sent to the sales personnel.
  • Gather knowledge regarding customers’ preferences: IVR technology helps small and medium business organizations to gather relevant information about their customers. The marketing department can gauge the tastes and preferences of the customers through their calls and offer them suitable products. They can also make the required modifications based on the customers’ suggestions. IVR service providers in India such as Knowlarity realize the importance of effective communication with customers. They ensure that through remarkable IVR solutions for small business enterprises, the organizations can stay connected with their esteemed customers and solve their queries round the clock.
  • Electronic notification through IVR: IVR technology can also be used to set up electronic notification systems. In the current times of remote working, where employees work from home and are located across the world, IVR-based notification systems are immensely helpful. Organizations can feed the employee details in the system such as cell phone numbers, fax numbers, home phone numbers, email addresses, etc. The IVR system uses these methods to contact the employee when the need arises. 

IVR systems are a blessing for small business organizations. Knowlarity is a leading IVR service provider in India offering IVR solutions for small business organizations. Small businesses can leverage IVR technology to deliver a personalized customer experience. IVR systems play a vital role in building a distinct image of the organizations in the minds of the customers. Customers feel important and are eager to do business with such organizations. Small business enterprises can use IVR systems to market products aggressively. To know more about the applications and advantages of IVR systems, visit Knowlarity’s website and benefit from its unparalleled IVR solutions for small business organizations.

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