Ways to shoot love scenes of sex dolls without violating social distance

For this reason, its production experts thought of using WM Dolls that were used as corpses at the time. This program is the first program to resume filming after the government began to lift the new crown virus blockade.

Sex dolls and spouses: a way to film love scenes without violating social distance, soap operas and other TV shows became popular after the coronavirus lockdown. However, the new normal has brought some obstacles to them. Bold and beautiful, a TV program produced by a TV production company had to figure out how to shoot the show’s sex scenes in the context of social alienation. For this reason, its production experts thought of using WM Dolls that were used as corpses at the time. This program is the first program to resume filming after the government began to lift the new crown virus blockade.


According to the main screenwriter and executive producer of the show, the biggest challenge during the filming process was to keep the distance between the actual actors while keeping the scene hot. Bell and his production team tried to cut all the kiss scenes from the show. However, the flow of the story is different. Producers and newcomers must be more creative to keep up with the show’s awards. In some scenes that require intimacy, the male lead or female lead communicates with their spouse when they are isolated from each other. The production of the show. On the other hand, some scene doubles will be dusted off, and wigs and Anime sex doll will be put on makeup.

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This is not the only time that mannequins or cheap sex dolls have been used as substitutes for real people, so as not to undermine the realization of social distancing. Many customers who have purchased said that this is the closest real-life doll they have ever experienced. Wearing a pink coat printed with white rabbits, her lips are painted with pink lipstick, similar in color to her nipples. The soft girl's chest allows you to experience real comfort. The pink vagina is firm and elastic like a girl. Considering the humane texture, warmth and ability to moan, these real feelings are more humane than ever.


Whether Covid keeps you away from your accomplices or you just need to make your sexual coexistence fun, realistic male sex doll is very effective. Along these lines, here are a few reasons why you should buy a real sensual doll: The risk of getting sick before the pandemic is 0%, and individuals have many choices. However, infection changes everything, making most of the things that we can choose from before difficult to accomplish. If you want to do some activities, then a male doll without uncertainty realism is the safest choice. When you get one, she will be loyal to you and have zero contact with the rest of the world.

Unlike neighbors holding signs of love dolls

Unlike a nearby hot neighbor who tells you signs of mixing from her roof, the risk of Tpe sex doll getting Covid is 0%. In this way, you don't have to feel pressured about sexual hunger anymore. Use real-size sex dolls to easily appreciate sex. customizable. Perhaps the best element of a true sex doll is the ability to modify it to your liking. No matter whether you need her to look like your sweetheart, he has left most of the world or your weight. You can't like your people, the sky is the limit. Just send the details and body highlights you need, and you will have a handmade real doll delivered to your door. Air, but at least the legs can move.


On January 7, the carefully choreographed dance moves demonstrated part of their robot's arm movement capabilities. A video in late December 2020 shows the functions of their robotic hands and arms. Their robotic arms and manipulators continue to improve, and their legs have also been improved. Their biggest challenge is still to make the doll stand and walk on its own. Because most of their videos are scripts, it is difficult to judge whether there are improvements. We do know that their AI leader can answer questions and give scripted speeches and choreography. Two years ago, I predicted that we would have a fully functional artificial intelligence sex robot in 5-10 years.

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