How To Buy a Cannabis Dispensary: The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Weed

There are many things to consider when buying weed online, such as the strain type or THC content before

There are many things to consider when buying weed online, such as the strain type or THC content before you go out into the world looking for your cannabis dispensary. If you're in Colorado, it is important that you know what laws apply to purchasing marijuana because they vary widely from state to state- so do not assume anything!


Whether you're interested in buying weed, or just curious about the process, here are some things to keep in mind before heading out.


1) Make sure it is legal where you live. This should be fairly obvious but many states still don't have laws on the books yet so check your local jurisdiction first!


2) Get recommendations from friends who've bought marijuana before - they may know someone with experience that can help guide through this process for you. 


3) Check online reviews when possible - there will likely be plenty written by people like yourself which could provide helpful insight into how well-known dispensaries operate as well as what to expect upon arrival at their dispensary location.


Do your research.  If you live in California, Colorado, Washington or Oregon then the process is easy to navigate. However if you are just looking for cannabis near me it can be difficult because there isn't one central place that has all the information on dispensaries and how they operate. There is no shortage of resources online but some states make this more complicated than others so do your homework before jumping into anything!


Don’t buy weed from someone who doesn’t have a license to sell marijuana legally within their state/city limits (this applies across Canada too). This will get them in trouble with law enforcement which means not only did they lose money but also potentially lost their job as well depending on where they work at an unlicensed dispensary. 


If possible, find out what strains each dispensary carries before buying any product from them; many dispensaries offer free samples for new customers so ask about this opportunity when you check-in!


If you're considering buying weed, there are some things to keep in mind before you do so.


-Do your research on the dispensary that interests you; find out if they have any reviews or complaints from past customers online (this is especially important if this will be your first time shopping at such a place).


-If possible, get recommendations for dispensaries from friends who've shopped there before  or people with similar needs as yours - these folks can help guide which dispensary would work best for their personal needs and preferences.


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