An interesting fact about the history of hammocks

An interesting fact about the history of hammocks is that Christopher Columbus first introduced hammocks to Europe.

The hammock is an ideal choice to maximize the limited space of the ship. Before adopting navy canvas hammocks, many sailors fell into the rough sea at night and were injured or even killed. The naval sling hammock will move with the movement of the ship and provide a more comfortable sleep than sleepers than when sleeping at sea, while helping to maintain a good balance for sleepers. Over the years, the hammock of the sling has been modified, but the sailors have become accustomed to sleeping in the hammock, so that many people take the hammock on vacation. After the success of the Navy in the 20th century, the US military used hammocks in World War I and World War II. The history of the American army can be traced back to the Civil War, and until the Vietnam War, they distributed hammocks for them to sleep in narrow spaces and sleep on the road. - zimtown

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