How to log in to MetaMask with a private key?

Whether you are an experienced user or brand new to blockchain, MetaMask helps you connect to the decentralized web: a new internet.

A private key is one of the most important aspects of your crypto wallet as it provides your wallet the much-needed security and also makes sure that only the authorized owner of the wallet is able to access it. If you have the private key, you can access your wallet whenever you want on any device from any location without having to feed the MetaMask login details.

In case you do have your private key and want to access your MetaMask wallet with it, then you can easily do so by following the details that are given below. And, this complete process is known as importing the wallet. In case you have the saved image of your private key and you do not want to type it manually, then also you can access your wallet without doing much and we shall learn the same in the section below.

MetaMask login with the private key

Since the private key is highly case and sequence-sensitive, therefore you need to be cautious while entering the details on the MetaMask sign in page. If you think you have the private key details, then go ahead with the steps given here:

  1. To begin the procedure, launch the MetaMask browser extension
  2. After this, you simply need to click on the option to "Import wallet"
  3. You can perform this procedure on any device of your choice
  4. Now, go ahead with expanding the drop-down menu on your screen
  5. Followed by this, you need to select the "File type"
  6. Here, choose the "JSON" file option
  7. Later on, you need to select the option to choose a file
  8. Thereafter, enter your account password and select "Import"


During this process, you may also opt for the option to enter the 12-word private key manually. If you select this option, you need to provide the private key in a sequential manner on the MetaMask login page. If you commit any mistake, you should try to import the wallet one more time by repeating the whole process that is mentioned in the section above.

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