Captivating Research Paper Topics for 2021

Captivating Research Paper Topics for 2021

Research papers are one of the most significant parts of the academic life of a student. It is an extensive essay type that is written by students of higher educational levels. Since this is a time-consuming task, many students ask an essay writer to do it for them.

Writing a research paper is not an easy thing for most of the students. Writing a research paper requires some very good writing skills since there multiple elements that a writer has to incorporate. This is why it is quite understandable when a student seeks professional help in this regard.

If you are a naive writer then you must know that there are many such things that can help you in writing a good research paper. One of those things is a research paper topic. It is the topic that decides the scope of your paper and also compels the reader to read the complete paper.

In this article, you will find some amazing research paper topics. All of these topics have been clearly picked by an essay writing service. You can use any one of them as your research paper topic.

  • How has modern technology helped in making the development process fast?
  • What do you think that the most powerful countries do to gain all the power they have today?
  • Should YouTube take some steps to filter out the videos according to the age group?
  • Why are some people not thankful for the advancements in technological innovation?
  • Hunting should never be considered as a sport and should be banned for all the reasons.
  • Video games being developed today clearly show gender biases?
  • What is the scope of cybersports in our society? Do you think that they deserve the same value as any other sport that is practiced?
  • Are wildlife associations work in a more effective way when it comes to the wellbeing of animals than zoos or aquariums?
  • Why do people think that the rapidly changing fashion industry is dangerous for the upcoming generation?
  • Should young children be allowed to use smartphones and other smart gadgets?
  • Should scientists study different technologies that can help people to have a longer life-span?
  • Should sugary drinks or unhealthy foods be banned in all the schools?

Before we move forward, you must remember that if any point you want a professional to “write my essay”. This option is the best for the students who can not manage time for such long assignments. 

Nevertheless, let us move forward and have a look at some more interesting topics.

  • Are poor populations more exposed to disease than highly populated areas?
  • What impact technology has on business development processes nowadays?
  • Is national security more important than the individual privacy of the public?
  • What is the most controversial legal section in the constitution of the United States?
  • Is it a fact that the church and state are separated by a fine line in the United States?
  • Is the United Nations doing its job right?
  • Do self-driving cars are a potential threat to our ecosystem?
  • Should the government be more involved in monitoring the nutrition regulation in the schools?
  • Does homework help children to improve their academic capabilities?
  • Can social media play a significant role in improving the overall education system?
  • Is it beneficial to study music and drama in university or college?

Hence these were all the topics that we recommend for research paper writing.

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