There must be a better way of letting folks know there is a fall

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If you do Best OSRS Gold site not have an examine message and someone right-clicks youpersonally, there will be no test option. And please be aware it's a language barrier, even should you write something like::P off you:o noob! Then a message will come up stating: Maybe your message should be somewhat more appropriete. In the end, we do not want people examining you to find the words: *swear* you noob! I'm also sure that people WILL unfortunatly bypass the swear blocker, so Jagex im afraid must earn a new rule: Report Offensive Examine. I hope you enjoy the idea and encourage.

I posted this in official forums too, so if you enjoy the idea, I'd appreciate either a bump or comment there also. Quick find code is above: EDIT: I believe Sal's forums are far busier than official now, I have not gotten 1 reply yet there in more than 4 hours... I just got tired of this spamming in the bank, and that I figured I'd head to rogues' den to fletch, and even Emerald Benedict was spamming up the den about a drop...

There must be a better way of letting folks know there is a fall in the party room, moreover bankers spamming up the bank with"10k drop in 2 min!!" To me, a 2m drop is hardly worth the effort of trying to enter a party room in fally filled with a million ppl, idiots opening and closing doors so you can not get in, and getting booted off the server double as the drop occurs, even though I've contributed to the fall.

I think I could honestly say that the increased majority of High-leveled players could care LESS about drop parties OSRS Money being declared, especially for such tiny sums. I understand why the change was implemented, so that ppl couldnt attempt to have private fall parties or RWT, but it really is too much.

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