What effect can OSRS gold bring?

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Okay, transporting really isn't the most important idea about this subject, but it's certain to RuneScape gold come up though. Here's another aspect: Struggling. Ship Vs. Ship, enormous exchange in cannon fire. Yes, cannons. What midevil boat could be complete without them? An honest 30 cannon count or perchance a large scale 100? They'd serve as a defense for your ship and will contribute to your attack ability. Get aboard the boat you sink and grab all the loot, an excellent means of earning money for me, and do not allow the ships to become plain. Beautiful, glorious emblems on sails, colours, and everything.

Captains could cover to build their boats, (roughly 4 mils?) Full with 10 whole cannons. It appears quite expensive to me, but these cannons don't need to cost 750k. They're ordinary, maybe just 80k to me personally. Build slots for cannons and enlarge your boat's power. All types of cannons. Fair enough. Overall I think it's a wonderful idea. Pick the kind of boat, pick the build, pick the ornament, and everything. Constructive criticism, please.

Ok, so I was thinking logically to get a new ability to put into rs that may link skills, AND combat together, so that skills can stop being known as wimps and"that I COULD PWN U LOLZ!" (no, not about the wild). So, heres how it could ALL connect together. It took me a tiny bit to create this more thought out. The new skill is... TRANSFORMATION! Listen, ill attempt to elaborate this, and dont say it couldnt be used for the two, because you gota browse the remainder for it to make sense. Ok, its a little like what summoning would be like I believe. A small bit of mage will be similar to it too I suppose. OK! Heres the idea.

You begin with getting something type of OSRS buy gold like a rune (dont have a title for it yet so ill call it the balance rune). You get an entire book, such as the mage publication. THIS is where it turns out to both sides. It is going to also take the aspect of prayer. What it's (like prayer) has exactly the same thing where it all runs out and that stuff(ill describe how you recharge it later).

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