How to keep your brain healthy and young?

Sounds a bit difficult? Don’t worry here is the proper advice you need to know to keep your brain healthy and young throughout your life.

Sounds a bit difficult? Don’t worry here is the proper advice you need to know to keep your brain healthy and young throughout your life.

Paying attention to your brain health is a complex and tedious job nowadays. Our ancestors were having good memory power but we suffer a lot with memory loss problems as we climb the ladder of our ages. We don’t pay much attention to how keep our brains healthy and properly functioning. By adopting some simple healthy habits to our daily life we can easily look to our brain health.

Why is brain health important?

As the brain plays a very vital role in all over functioning of the body, keeping it healthy is very important. But we don’t pay much attention to brain and nervous system health the way we pay towards maintaining our body. One person among ten above the age of 65 suffers from dementia. According to a neurobiologist, we are born with fully developed brain. However, researchers have found that the ability and function of our brain changes in our daily activities. Our brain has a wonderful ability to create new pathways and roots through neurons. All these neurons bundle together and create the ability to think, react to the situation, face challenges, creativity, remember experience, childhood memory, etc.; however, we can improve the ability of our brain on many levels by giving some challenges to the brain.

Here are fewer tips and trick which can keep your brain healthy and active:

Regular exercise: Doing regular exercise will not only helpful to our body but also serve a lot to brain functioning. Regular exercising will keep more oxygen-rich blood flow towards our brains. If our doing regular exercise then keep going. Regular cycling, walking, swimming, etc are also considered effective for proper blood flow to the brain.

Proper diet: Taking a proper diet is always the best thing you can do to reward your brain for maintaining the proper and full functioning of your body. As much as a proper diet is good for your body similarly, it is best for the brain as well. Omega-3, Coffee, pumpkin seed, blueberry, green tea, turmeric, etc. According to few research omega-3 have fat and 60% of brain is made up of fat. Also, the one taking omega-3 have more gray matter in the brain which increase memory, emotion, decision making etc.

Challenge the brain: For making anything work properly they need to work daily similar is for the brain. For this, we can put many challenges to the brain to make it work properly. One can target your brain, with many challenges like Sudoku, Crossword; memorizing a new poem, number, speech anything from the book. These challenges can keep your brain active and alert. Solving a difficult puzzle makes our brain healthy and the chances of getting dementia reduce. Think of things that you can do daily without any difficulties and do it in different ways that can challenge your brain. Challenging your brain keep it more focused and productive.

Be attentive to your thoughts: “Fake it, until you make it” which means think and behave in a way you want to see yourself even if it does not comfort others. Thinking positively will make your brain more confident and again boost the brain's efficiency.  

Now we have a bunch of information about how we can keep our brain healthy and young even after growing old. 

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