AVIEW is an independently owned eyewear company based in Austin, TX.

Never be stuck with one color of sunglasses ever again! Never have to carry separate glasses and sunglasses ever again! Here at AVIEW we want to make that dream a reality. Get yours today

It all started with an idea, what would happen if people weren’t limited to one color choice with their eyewear? You pay good money for a pair of sunglasses, do you really want to be stuck with only one tint for the rest of your life? Worse yet, many people pay for expensive optical glasses in addition to expensive prescription sunglasses and they carry both with them when they travel. Yikes. Well we are here to tell you…no more!

We are an independently owned eyewear company based in based in Austin, TX called AVIEW. It is our mission to give you the freedom to constantly change the way you see the world. See the world through rose colored glasses one minute, and then switch to yellow the next. Or take your clip in lenses out all together and just use your optical lenses. Colors can affect your mood, productivity, and general sense of well being.