Does foam rolling reduce muscle soreness?

Does foam rolling reduce muscle soreness?

Have you ever wondered if does foam rolling reduce muscle soreness? If you do, you're not the only one. The reason is that this exercise is one of the best ways to increase mobility, improve flexibility and strengthen the body. This article will tell you how does foam rolling work, and whether it's worth the investment.


It uses a combination of air and foam to apply gentle pressure to joints, tendons and muscles. Foam is very similar to water in terms of its ability to compress, but it has one huge advantage: it's safe. There are no artificial chemicals or toxins used, so it's a natural substance that's completely safe for the body. In fact, some say it's far safer than many other types of exercises! Many doctors even recommend this type of exercise for patients recovering from injury, like those who had sports injuries.


Does foam rolling really reduce muscle soreness? It does reduce soreness - but only up to a certain point. Just as with any other stretching exercise, you will be gradually stretching the muscles of your body, over a period of time. If you overstretch a muscle, it will simply become weaker at that point - and therefore more prone to injury. But if you don't overstretch, then your body can 'recoup' its energy and heal it naturally.


By doing your foam rolling exercise regularly, you'll be able to gradually're-shape' your body. The joints and tendons that have become sore will start to get stronger. You will also be stretching the muscles of your arms and legs, and possibly your back. It's these stronger areas that will benefit from this exercise the most.


How long will it take to see noticeable results? In my experience, most people see significant reductions in muscle soreness within just a week of beginning foam rolling. Some might have seen results in as little as a couple of days - but it depends on how your body is reacting. Many find that it works well enough to continue for a few months.


Does foam rolling reduce muscle soreness? Well, it does if you do it properly. Avoid the stretching at the beginning, and ensure that you stretch each muscle thoroughly. Stretching isn't always easy, but if you focus on each stretch, you'll soon notice that you feel less sore after the exercise. Make sure you don't push yourself too hard, though - you should notice an immediate reduction in soreness after the first few times you do your exercise routine.

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