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This time around, players have a chance at pulling the James Harden Dark Issue Invincible card among other high-rated cards NBA 2K21 MT. There is 11 limited-time accessibility cards in the packs which also feature top celebrities like Paul George and rookie James Wiseman. Here's all of the latest about the newest Flash 9 Packs!James Harden News Flash 9 for NBA 2K21 MyTeam packs launch.

With NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 7 now in Full Throttle, various articles is arriving full force to the match. We saw the new Spotlight Challenges drop, providing gamers a shot multiple Dark Matter cards including that Bill Russell Invincible card. Now, former Houston Rockets star James Harden's DM Invincible is offered in NBA 2K21 MyTeam Packs.Harden's thing a part of Flash 9 packs that feature 11 players at a limited-availability packs release. A fast new highlight trailer came out on Friday, May 21, through 2K's social media reports. Take a look through the YouTube video clip below.

Like other DM Invincible items, Harden's is piled with great attributes. Included in these are his 99 Outside Scoring, Playmaking, and Rebounding. His Interior Scoring, Athleticism and Defense all are at the 98 level. There's also 61 Hall of Fame Badges. Check them out in MTDB's listing to see what all is included.Along with Harden, MyTeam fans have a shot at Paul George Dark Matter and a Kristaps Porzingis Glitched Dark Matter card.

Latest card and pack costs, giveaways for Flash 9 release.The Flash 9 packs are now in MyTeam Pack Marketplace alongside previous releases, Future Rewind, and Enshrined packs featuring Hall of Famers. To get a five-card Flash 9 normal package, players will cover 7,500 Virtual Currency or 10,500 MT. A 10-pack box will operate 67,500 VC, whereas the 20-pack boxes move for 135,000 VC.

Individual participant cards are popping up available in the MyTeam Auctions area. We have seen Harden's DM card near 900,000 MT, making it one of the costlier cards of the packs. Paul George is roughly 300k MT, with Wiseman going for around 146,950. A number of different cards in this release are going for 30,000 MT or less including Jaylen Brown MT for sale 2K21, Robert Reid, and Chuma Okeke.There will also be various influencers giving away the Dark Matter Paul George card that weekend. Gamers will have to check out their streams in the times shown below for information on the best way best to win.

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