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Nobody knows yet. Anyone else feel like that they green together with Nba 2k21 Mt the stick randomly? Like if im more from hands with aimming the stick it greens, but once I feel like im precise it is never green. . I greened a contested fadeaway deep 3 but have been bricking slightly late/early shots when I feel as though im right on and theyre wide open.

The shooter bar wasn't even an issue for any player I talked to this year. Weird question: has anybody found any new-name builds? I am assuming we're slowly running out of possibilities but I figured they would add a few inside the new pie charts merely to throw the infrequent construct neighborhood a bone.

Hopefully theres a manifestation of the fact that mid 70's is JUST good enough to strike shots consistently. Will take some getting used too. Looks like 75 is past years 60 (which is the way it shouldv'e been all together ). In saying that, will just take two weeks to the park community to whinge about how hard shooting is. I mean I jumped mike to never alter it so perhaps he'll only hit the complainers with"get better ratings."

Now 2k21 everyone wishes to use the rod and says it stinks. If you do not like the stick just go back to using button. I know that MyCareer and MyPlayer doesn't transfer over to next gen - but have they said anything about rep moving over? It won't. Nothing in your MyCareer/Neighbourhood will. I would say its entirely dependant on if you mean'run a crime' grips, or'secondary chunk handler' grips or'I will blowby my guy into the rim' handles.

Red/Blue looks mad this season. I think that it could be a insane offball build if you arent a shooting fan. Allow me to know if you want the construct. I went to get the demo and I dont see it everywhere, anybody know what I need to do/what I could do wrong I dont ever see it? After coming back today with a clear head, is anybody else changing their initial thoughts of the demo? I loathed the shot stick and what not, initially but after sitting for a hour studying it, its really a decent fix. It needs some work because it isnt perfect, but this is one of these things where folks just need to be the best at things without working for it.

Edit: I will upload screenshots later but wow. Same exact build vs 2k20 and it has way lower physical features, terrible defensive evaluations and rebounding ratings but for the perimeter d. The bizarre thing is it's like 3 or 4 more finishing badges and 21 higher status dunk? Wtf is going on. . .im rlly thankful for the standing dunk boost cuz I always believed it's dumb I have a 99 vert but seldom leap in the paint but wow I can not believe the way they trashed the undersized pure red's defense and buy mt nba 2k21 rebounding.

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