How to Clean Outdoor Rattan Furniture

you are probably just putting your Outdoor Rattan Set out or are just getting ready to put it away for the winter.

If you are reading this article, then you are probably just putting your Outdoor Rattan Set out or are just getting ready to put it away for the winter. Anyway, you definitely want to make sure that it is cleaned first and that any possible damage is repaired. Did you know that even the smallest damage to your rattan furniture can cause it to fall apart altogether. It is almost like dominoes, once one strip is ripped, the others will follow.

Garden Furniture CoversThe most effective way to keep your garden furniture looking beautiful is to cover it, both during the winter months and whenever rain is expected. These covers are readily available from many different manufacturers and can fit almost any piece of outdoor furniture.

Avoid direct exposure to the sunThe second key to garden furniture protection is minimising its exposure to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. The same energy which can give you a sunburn can bleach or even weaken the material of your garden furniture. This is especially true for synthetic, plastic-based materials but holds true even for natural rattan.

Rotate ChairsThere will inevitably be one part of your garden, patio or outdoor space that receives more sun or weather than other areas. These factors contribute to some pieces of your furniture getting more wear than others. Simply rotating your chair positions, like the tyres on your car, can help them wear evenly and extend the life of the set.

Moving Furniture ProperlyRattan garden furniture is both light and sturdy, ensuring a long lifespan, as well as being easy to move around your garden. However, this can encourage users to be very cavalier as to how they pick up and move the pieces. If you aren’t careful, you can still damage the woven material. Be sure to pick the pieces up only by their solid frames, and never by the more flexible woven panels.

Clean up spills immediatelyYou're probably wondering how Rattan garden furniture lasts so long. Well, if you clean your rattan furniture regularly, you can expect it to last for up to 20 years. If any liquid spills onto the piece, clean it immediately with a damp cloth. Nothing more should be needed, and there should not normally be any permanent stain.

Protecting furniture feetWhen people think about how to preserve Rattan furniture, they often overlook the pieces’ feet. Depending on the design, these might be plastic, wood, rattan, or even waterproof powder-coated steel. Make sure the feet are not dragged across concrete or pavers when you move the furniture and keep them as clean as the rest of the piece. You shouldn’t need to do much more than that.

Use Cushions or pillowsAnother aspect of rattan furniture care that is often overlooked is the use of cushions. Cushions are not fitted purely for the user’s comfort, but also to extend the life of the chair. Wallets, cell phones, keys, pens or other objects carried in the pocket can press sharp angles into the woven surface and damage it. Cushions spread the pressure out evenly, and place much less stress on the material. Our outdoor cushions are also showerproof. So, if it does start raining, you don't need to panic, although we do recommend bringing them inside, so they stay protected.

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