Path to Exile S15 season the benefits of commonly used predictions

Let me talk about the function of this prophecy first.

The task of Master Navali can be opened in the first chapter. Before Fat Tuantuan only regarded her as an NPC. After playing in another world, she discovered that prophecies can also be traded. If you output enough, you can also prophesy by yourself.


Let me talk about the function of this prophecy first. If you play by yourself, you will drop dark gold equipment or cheap poe currency and enchantments according to different classifications of prophecies. Friends who want to move bricks can also sell various valuable prophecies in exchange for chaos or lofty stones. For example, the Queen’s sacrifice is definitely worth more before the server starts. It’s now at the end of the season, and the price is still such a high price. The picture is just an example. This prediction will be refreshed in the random pool after clearing the Green Gate Queen. The game starts. There is still a certain degree of difficulty if you have to play, so the national server is suitable for old players who want to make a little money.


Commonly used predictions: plague and plague, you can drop path of exile currency, rich traps, an alien map containing 6 additional safes, and weather predictions only increase the number of items in the map, so weather predictions are not recommended because they are more dangerous , For summons and elements to make this kind of body brittle, it does not make much sense. Crafts, such as Destiny Connection, are also 6L equipment. Overflowing wealth will burst 10 random currencies. Erasmus gifts can drop 20%. Quality skill stones, these prophecies can only trigger one on a map.


The last prophecy of "Val Gale" can summon the rarer Val Gale, which can cause enemies in the area to drop a large number of Val items, which will randomly drop corrupted 6-piece equipment, but it takes only 4 seconds to stand within an aperture. Time will fall, so you can bet on your luck. Compared with other masters, this master's profit is not very high. It is more suitable for the transition of pre-sale predictions.


It’s now June. What’s the price of the national server? An origin force costs 39C, which is more than the price of a complete set of equipment. As a cute little fat group, under the guidance of a big guy, I feel that it is necessary to discuss with other cute new ones. Next question. S15 is played in the national server, considering that the first one is not very good in English, and the second one is not very good at playing it, but the price is really touching. I just want to say that the price is made like this by you, the people of the national server It will only become less and less, no wonder some people say that the national service is a pig farm, but the premise is that the pig will always be a pig and will not resist.


The national service market needs to be purchased every season. For the boss who raises piglets, this amount of money is not a big deal, but for players who just experience the game, it is really a threshold, and the market fraud is obvious, and the price is inflated. , After the plot, equipment and currency are not bound, suitable for old players who want to make a little money. This season, Old Solitude introduced Burning Arrow and Nine Golems, and other UP owners also recommended Golems  Path of Exile 2. At that time, I remembered that the video posted by the UP main was at the end of April. The price of his own purchase was originally 1C, and the other was 4C. Looking at the price of the national service, what else can we say?


There are many people in the international service, the price of equipment will not be too high, the equipment is easier to sell, and the materials and equipment from the plot to the outside world are not bound. The high-level warehouse page is equivalent to a market, and it is permanent. It is suitable for players who do not spend much money and purely experience the game. The price of the national server is really high. I can’t accept it, so I don’t buy anything and recommend others. Mengxin friends also go to the international service to play.

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