12 signs that your essay writing service might be fake

The fake essay writing services may show high prices for even small content or samples they offer.

Getting help from write my essay services can have a number of benefits. But there is an issue with this as well that there are numerous essay writing services that scam the students. Worried about the recent order you had placed? Well, you probably do not have to, if you have received quality work from them before. For your convenience, here is a list of 20 signs that an essay writing service can turn out to be fake.


  • Customer feedback

The feedback from the customers is a sign that the website is legit or not. There are two ways to find that. First, if the website has too much feedback and all are very positive then they may be fake. If you want to check that the feedback on the website is legit or not, simply read them. The content of feedback will be enough to tell you that. 


  • Does not offer a plagiarism report or Paid Revisions

Another way to judge if the essay writing service is legit or not is if they offer the plagiarism reports. Most of the write essay for me services offer free plagiarism reports with the order you have placed. But if you find any services which resist providing the plagiarism report, then you must be careful. It may be because they just stole the content from another source. In addition to this, a fake essay writing service will also ask you to pay them for revisions. It is because all the legit services know that their content will be perfect and do not need any revision. 


  • No samples

The fake essay writing services may show high prices for even small content or samples they offer. If you find a website, which does not display any samples. But when you request them, they ask you to pay for it then you must know that it is a scam.


  • No contact with the writer

A fake essay writing service will not let you contact the writer directly. Why? Because they do not have any legit writers who can answer your query. 


  • No option to contact immediately

Contacting the services might be necessary if you have a close deadline for write my paper task. But if you do not see any immediate contact information, avoid the service. 


  • Late response

The fake essay writing services usually do not pay attention to the deadlines set by their customers. This can be because they do not have any competent writers to work on essays and papers. Because of all of this, you will receive late responses from the services.


  • No customer support service

A fake essay writing service does not care much about the clients. Once they have paid, there seems to be no response from the support regarding the order. You can know this from the website. If the website contains any contact channel which is open all the time, then it is legit otherwise it is not. The communication channel must not be doubtful. If you find that the service has not disclosed proper contact information or channel, then stay away from such websites.


  • Different web addresses

Another way to dodge the customers is that the fake essay writing services publish a number of websites that ultimately land you on the same page. When you search for the essay writing services, you will see that the websites may appear different but in the end, you are asked to place an order on the same website. 


  • Incomplete website or Error on website

Any spelling, punctuation, syntax, and grammatical mistakes ruin the impression of the whole essay. And you would want to avoid any such issues at all costs. If I were to write my essay for me free of any mistakes, then I would definitely place my order to get my document proofread by the experts. I believe the same would be the action of anyone who wants the perfect essay. However, a scam essay writing service will not pay attention to any of these things. How to know this before you even place an order? View their websites. Are there any mistakes? If yes, it probably is fake. 


  • Poor customer services

As told before the fake essay writing services do not care much about their customers which is the reason that they do not pay attention to them. This is reflected in poor customer service. So when you are about to place an order for a model essay or paper, make sure to observe the customer service. It will tell you a lot about the service.


  • Hidden charges

The fake essay writing services usually announce sales and special offers for the orders. But they do not tell the customers about the hidden charges. Students believe that they will receive discounts. But in reality, the total amount including the hidden charges, they have to pay much more. The unfortunate thing about it is that a customer cannot know it before they actually experience it themselves. 


  • Numerous departments

A prominent sign of the fake essay writing services is that they show a number of departments on the portal. So when there arise issues, the customers have to go through all of them to request a chargeback or even any change in the essay to appear. In reality, there are no departments. Rather this is just a way to delay and wait till the customers get tired and do not ask for the charge again. A student might miss the deadline and not even get refunded. 


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